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High CPC Keywords are the Words that Generate High Adsense Revenue. You Can Get Upto $100 Per Click On You Adsense Account.

High CPC Keywords: The Keywords Which has High Cost Per Click are Known As High CPC Keyword. Means When some Visit Your Website and Click On Ads then You Will Get High CPC. Cost Per Click is Not Fixed it depends on Some Condition.

CPC will Different for Different Country also Different for Different Keywords. So, If You Website/Article Will Ranked On High CPC Keyword then You Can Get High CPC. Sometime, It Will $100 or to be $1. It Depends on Some Basic Factors Such as Website Ranking and Also Invest Your Time On SEO, Use Best SEO Tools Free as Well as Paid.

high cpc keywords
High CPC Keywords

Today, In this Article We Will Share Top 100+ High CPC Keywords. But, that Keywords are Not too Easy to Rank but Not Too Hard. If Think then You Can. We Also Give Some Tips To Rank On that Keyword.

What is CPC?

CPC Stands For Cost Per Click, It Means the amount is given by Advertiser When Someone Click On their Ads Which are Placed on Publisher Website. For Advertising, Advertiser Uses Many Ads Platforms Such as Google Ads Or Bing Ad etc.

Publisher Will Receive that Amount On their Account. Only, When he or she Click Any of the Advertisement Shown on their Website while Visitors Visit their Site. For Each Click, a Specific Amount is Paid to the Publisher From Advertiser.

Every Click is Monitored through AI Tracking System with Information Such as IP Address. If Someone Click On Advertisement More than 1 or 2 Time from the Same IP then It Will considered as Invalid Click.

For Example: If You’ve Adsense Approved Website then You Will Receive Your CPC Amount On Your Adsense Account.

Why Advertiser Pay For Clicks?

Advertiser Pay For Each and Every Click To Publisher Not Directly, through Ads Platform. But Why? It May For Various Purposes Such as For targeting People, Gaining Customers, Promoting Products, Branding their Business etc.

Let’s Know Through Example

Suppose A Advertiser Invest Approx $20 On Advertisement for the Product Which is Sold On $100, Whose Making Cost is $75 that means $25 Profit Per Product Sold. This Amount Is Spend for a Single day Campaign and their Products Ads are Shown 100 times On Different Websites With $0.20 CPC. And, If A Single Product is Bought through Ads then Advertiser Will Earn $25 For Single Product Sold.

And, You Know that If Ads are Targeting Properly to those Who are Interested In these Type of Products Sold By Advertiser. Then Buying Probability is Increased by 30%. For, this You need Experience on Google AdWord if You Are using Google for Advertising. And, Publisher Will Earn $0.20 Per Click on their Google Adsense Account.

What is Google Adsense?

What is Adsense?

Google Adsense is the Product of Google through which Content Creators Earn Online Money by Serving texts, images on their Content. Basically, If Website owner Wants to Earn Money Through Online then he or She Needs to take Adsense Approval on their Site to Generate Revenue. After then he or she can serve texts, Images on their site in the form of Ads. So, Google Adsense share revenue For each click, Clicked on Ads to the Website owner.

What is the keyword?

Keywords are the Word or Phrase or Topic that defines what your Content is About. Those Words or Phrase Which are used by searchers on Searching for Finding Something on Search Engines also called Search queries.

It helps Search Engine to Know What Your Content is About. So, If that Particular Keyword is Searched by searchers on Search Engines then Your Content Is Shown. So, Your Content is Ranked On that Keyword, it is Most important to Write Content on Keyword. Also, by Doing Some Keyword Research as CPC depends On Keyword Write Article On High CPC Keyword to Generate High Revenue.

Top 10 Highest Paid Adsense Keywords By Niche

Sr. No.KeywordCPC
1 Insurance $54.91
2 Loans $44.28
3 Mortgage $47.12
4 Attorney $47.07
5 Credit $36.06
6 Lawyer $42.51
7 Donate $42.02
8 Degree $40.61
9 Hosting $31.91
10 Claim $45.51

Above are the Top 10 High PPC Keywords but these Keywords are Hard to Rank but not Impossible. You Need To Do Proper Analysis and also Spy On Your Competitor. Then Use Perfect Strategy To Beat Your Competitor on These Keywords.

Top High CPC Keywords

Sr. No.KeywordCPCSearch Volume
1Mesothelioma Law Firm$179.011,900/mo
2Donate Car To Charity California$130.251,000/mo
3Donate Car For Tax Credit$126.65880/mo
4Donate Cars In Ma$125.5890/mo
5Donate Your Car Sacramento$118.20170/mo
6How To Donate A Car In California$111.21590/mo
7Sell Annuity Payment$107.4675/mo
8Donate Your Car For Kids$106.01140/mo
9Asbestos Lawyer$105.841,600/mo
10Car Insurance Quotes Colorado$100.93720/mo
11Structured Annuity Settlement$100.8390/mo
12Annuity Settlement$100.72210/mo
13Dedicated Hosting$100.232,900/mo
14Nunavut Culture$99.52170/mo
15Dayton Freight Lines$99.392,400/mo
16Harddrive Data Recovery Services$98.59150/mo
17Donate A Car In Maryland$98.51590/mo
18Motor Replacements$98.43140/mo
19Cheap Domain Registration Hosting$98.39320/mo
20Donating A Car In Maryland$98.20590/mo
21Donate Cars Illinois$98.13260/mo
22Criminal Defense Attorneys Florida$98.07210/mo
23Best Criminal Lawyer In Arizona$97.93140/mo
24Car Insurance Quotes Utah$97.92260/mo
25Life Insurance Co Lincoln$97.0790/mo
26Holland Michigan College$95.74320/mo
27Online Motor Insurance Quotes$95.73320/mo
28Online Colleges$95.6574,000/mo
29Paperport Promotional Code$95.1350/mo

If Your Website Are New then Don’t Waste Your Time On Above Keywords.These Keywords Have High Competition and Too Hard To Rank In Google’s 1st Page But Not Impossible. If You’re an Experienced Blogger or Know About Proper SEO, then You Can Try These Keywords to Rank.

Most Important the Keywords are Given above with CPC + Volume are Not 100% Correct. Because CPC and Volume Will Change Time To Time. So, When You Read This Article, check Live CPC + Volume.I Will Also Share Some High CPC Keywords that Are Easy to Rank On Below.

Top High CPC Keyword With Medium Difficulty

Sr. No.KeywordCPC + Voulme
1why technology is good$1.86 + 1300/mo
2why technology is good for education$3.90 + 490/mo
3technology in classrooms pros$4.77 + 220/mo
4make a blog website free$8.16 + 320/mo
5seo definition marketing$7.28 + 880/mo
6seo means marketing$3.57 + 1300/mo

But, When You Read this Article Check KD (Keyword Difficulty) because Lots of Our Web Fans are Visiting and that Easy Keyword Posted By Us Will Be Hard In Future. So, Whenever You Read this Article Make Sure You Know About KD. Then You Can Work On These High PPC Keywords that are Easy To Rank.

I Hope this Will help You To Increase Your Revenue. If You Like This Post or Gain Any Information Through this Post then Don’t Forget To Share With Your Friends Or In Social Media. Thank You For Giving Your Valuable Time To Our YouTech Community, YouTechians. Would You Like To Know How To Start a Blog?

high cpc keywords
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