How To use Ahref Tool Free For Lifetime? [ Still Working LootLo ]

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As we Know that Ahref Tool is too Expensive. So, Here I will Provide You a Trick by Which You Can Use Ahref tool Free for lifetime but With Some Condition.

Ahref the Most Expensive SEO Tool, but it helps a lot to Rank Your Website On the First Page Of Google. Due to Expensive Costs, most of the Bloggers can’t afford this Tool. So, In this Article, I Talk About a Trick By Using This Trick You Can Use Ahref Premium Account Free For Almost Lifetime.

As You Think That I’m Joking, I’m Right but Not. This is Real and Working as I say lifetime; it means you can use Ahref tool Free for the lifetime but not all 24hrs. You can use 3-4 hrs in a day that is also enough to know about your website and also about your articles, and we can do much more Such as Backlinks analysis, Knowing other website strategies. We can apply the Same Or An extraordinary Strategy to beat Your competitors. So, Let’s know about the Tricks How Ahrefs Premium Account Free Tool Works?


How They Provide Ahref Cookies Free?

As we already knew that Ahref tool is so expensive and small bloggers can’t afford, but Some of the Bloggers Earn a lot, and they Invest small Piece of their Earning on their Website SEO and for this, they Buy Ahref Tool. But, they can’t Use the Tool For that amount as they pay. So, For Utilizing Amount as They Spend to buy, they start selling cookies of their Ahref account, and Also from this, they Earn also a lot.

From this, both are happy as small bloggers get Ahref tool at the low price and The owner of that account Earn from their Ahref Account. Then the Question Arises From Here, then How we get it For Free? Let’s Know As many of them can’t believe that after buying There product, What is the Guarantee of Working? So, They Provide Cookies For Trail, and after using There Product, You can Buy it, and also you can buy From Official Ahref Website if you want a Personal Account. Now Tricks Began Started.

Full Tutorial

1. Install Chrome On Your PC/Laptop.

2. Then, Add an Extension Named as EditThisCookies From Chrome Web Store.


3. Now, You Need Cookies. Download the Cookies For Ahref Tool from the link Given Below.

4. Open the Cookies File and Press CTRL + A then CTRL + C to copy all the text of that file. Then open the Chrome Browser.

5. Then, Open Ahrefs Official Website and In the Right Corner Edit this cookie Extension Will Appear Like This click on that.


6. In Editthiscoockies Click on Import and Paste all the copied Content on Import box and click on Tick mark.


7. Now, Without closing Extension Refresh, the Ahrefs Official Website and then You See Magic. You are Directly Redirect to Ahrefs Dashboard Where  You can access all Tools that Ahref provides.

8. Enjoy these Tricks.

You Need To Know

For Using Ahref tool Free for a lifetime, You need to Download Cookies every Day From here. The Cookies Provided Will Work Only For One Day, not For Lifetime the single Cookies Work. So, every Day You need to Visit Our Website To Download The New and Fresh Cookies to use Ahref Tool Free For a lifetime.

The most important things you need to know about this trick when you redirect to Dashboard Never Logout if you need to close the browser or Window but never Logout. If You Logout, then the Cookies of that Day will Expire for all, and then you can’t use Ahrefs Tool for that Day.

Also, When You use cookies and find that cookies are not working, then Tell use We Update The Cookies as soon as possible as Cookies Will Update every Day.

Currently, This Cookies Is Not Working

( We are Facing Some Issues On Providing Ahref Cookies. So, Still, We are Not Able To Provide Working Ahref Cookies. You Can Try The given Cookies, but I’m Not Sure that this Cookies Will Work. If Worked, then Enjoy otherwise Wait Until We Find Any Solution. Thank You!!! )

Click Here To Download

Facing Problem On Ahref Try Semrush Pro Updated 03/09/2019 Guys! Download Now

Semrush Password:- youtechthankyou

Guys Sorry, As Soon As We, Will Try to Provide Ahref Cookies Regularly.

If This Trick Will helps You, then Don’t be cheap to Share With others. In Our Next Post, I will Provide Yoast SEO Premium Tool For Free. So, Register Your Account On Youtech. Thanks For Visiting. Did You Know? that Netflix Cookies also works.

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    • Thanks For Your Information We Will Update Soon Recently There is Problem with Ahref. So, We unable to Provide but Soon we Will Update.

  1. Hello,
    You are doing great job..I am still learning this tool and it is very helpful to me.
    I wish you all the best

  2. HI YouTech,
    Thanks you so much for the cookies. If at all possible please update when you can ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. cookies not working….I just tired to used cookies as earlier ..I think there is a problem ..this method not work now
    pls give us a solid solution

  4. One of the best website. thanks for helping as it is not affordable for us to purchase the tool. Please update rhe cookes so we can us them

    • Sorry, Bro! Cookies are Expired. We Try To Update But Facing Some Issues. As Soon as Possible We Will Find Any Solution. Thank You

  5. Hi admin! Thanks for Moz premium account, it is working like a charm. Now, I am looking forward to use Ahrefs once you have updated the cookies, they are currently not working. Thanks again! (Y)

  6. There are several other extensions through which we can use cookies. But all of them stopped certain point of time , as ahrefs is smart and update daily its algorithm of website.
    Great info though. Thanks


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