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Ubersuggest, The Neil Patel's Free Keyword Research Tools that helps to generate keyword ideas for Our Website.

Ubersuggest One Of the Best Keyword Research Tool that are Absolutely Free For All. This Tool is Developed By Neil Patel, The Expert of Digital Marketing and SEO. We Know Lots of Tools are Present in the Market, Some Are Paid Tools Such as Ahref’s, Semrush, Moz, LongTailPro but none of them can offer Any Free Services or Tools.

UberSuggest Keyword Research Tool

Also, Some Free Tools are Available in the Market but Not Useful, and New Blogger is not able to Afford these Paid Tools that Price is Too Much, More than $100/month. A New Blogger’s Revenue isn’t Reached $100/month then How can they invest On Paid Tools.

So, Here We Talk about Neil Patel’s Free Keyword Research Tool Called Ubersuggest. Most of them thought that Free Items are Not Userful, as you correct. But I’m Sure After Reading this Article, and You Know the Value Of Free. As I Personally user Neil Patel’s Free Keyword Research Tool, UberSuggest and Experienced that It Helps are A Lot.

Recently, UberSuggest Offers Only Keyword Researching Tool but Now Neil Patel Adding New Features. Its Features Like Keyword suggestion, Domain Overview, Content Suggestion, SEO Analyzer, and Most Important Backlink Checker (Backlink Data). None of the Free Tools Offers Backlink Analysis Tool but UberSuggest Do.


Let’s Know All Its Features and How Can We Take Advantage Of Neil Patel’s Free Tool? Before We Start Did You Know What is Keyword Researching? If Not Then Still We Didn’t Cover This Topic but Neil Patel Covered.

UberSuggest: Look What Does It Offers?

1. Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is a tool that helps to Explore the Keyword, Which We Want. It Means To Know What Phrase (Word/Keyword) People are Using To Search On Google? And From Which Keyword other Experienced Blogger Drive Traffic To their Blog. It also Helps to Know the Keyword Difficulty of that Keyword and How Much Traffic Monthly Generated By This Keyword? With also Showing Related Keywords to that Niche.

How To Explorer Keywords On UberSuggest?

First of All Visit Neil’s UberSuggest, and in the Query Box/Field Just Your Target Query/Keyword and then Select Target Country. Then Click On Search, It Will Explore the Keyword.

Let Take An Example: Suppose “ubersuggest” is Keyword, Which We Want to Explore. Then Type “Ubersuggest” in the Query Box and Select Country and Click On Search. You Will See

Keyword Explorer
  1. How Much Traffic On This Keyword Monthly?
  2. How Much Difficult To Rank On Google’s 1st Page?
  3. CPC (Cost Per Click) On the Keyword?
  4. Also, Know Keyword Trend
  5. And Below You Will Keyword Ideas, Which Shows Related Keywords

If You Click On the Related Keywords, It Shows Which WebPage Ranked On that Keyword and How Much Traffic They can Generate? From the Keywords.

Related Keywords

Recently, Neil Patel Add Some New Features On Ubersuggest Tool, as You Can Show On the Image Just Below the Search Volume. You Can See that How Much Backlinks and Domain Score? An Average WebPage Have that are Already Ranked On Top 10 Position so, That You Can Gain A Complete Overview of Keywords.

2. Domain Overview

Domain Overview, This Tool helps to Analyze Your and Your Competitor Website, to get the data of that Website. Which Strategy Your Competitor is using to Rank, and then you can Follow Your Competitor Strategy to Beat Them.

Domain Overview
Domain Overview

Ubersuggest 2.0 Tool helps to Know the Backlink of the Website, Organic Keywords, CPC, Traffic and the New One is It Shows Domain Score (New In the Market, But Similar to Moz’s Domain Authority, Ahref’s Domain Rating). List of All Features are Shown in Domain Overview are

  1. Domain Score
  2. Total Traffic the Website Drive Monthly.
  3. Organic Keywords
  4. Paid Keyword
  5. Top Pages Of the Website
  6. Total No. Of Backlinks. Did You Know What is Backlink?

3. Content Suggestion

New Blogger’s Haven’t an idea To Find Trending Content Topic on their Niche. And, It Suggests The Most hottest Content of the Domain You Search On UberSuggest. Similarly Like Buzzsumo, Which Show Popular Content of the Day On Any Niche You Want to See. But, These are Paid Tools and UberSuggest Offers Similar Feature Free Of Cost. So, Take Advantage Of Neil Patel’s Free Tool.

Content Suggestion
Content Suggestion

This Tool Help You To Drive Huge Traffic, By Writing Article on Trending Topic that Will Rank Fast and Generate Traffic In a Short Time. Also, Your Revenue Will Increase If Traffic Increase.

3. SEO Analyzer

SEO Affects Lots To Our Website. So, We Need to Know Every Error Which Occurred In Our Website On-Page + Off-Page SEO. If We Go To Analyze Website SEO, then there are No Free Tools Available in the Market that tells the Error Occurred To Our Website SEO. But Paid Tools Are Present in the Market. But, It Cost More $100, and We Regularly Need To Check SEO Error.

And, Not all Can Buy these High Cost Paid Tools. So, We thought that if there is any Free SEO Analyzer Tool are Available, then It Will help a Lot For All and It Saves Money.

website seo checker
Website SEO Checker

Now, this Problem Is Solved By Neil Patel’s SEO Tool, Which also Offers an SEO Analyzer Tool For Free Of Cost. Go To Patel’s Tool and Enter Your Domain For Which You Want to Analyze and click On Check.

It Will Show All the Error Present On Your Website With Information How You Can Solve? That Errors. That’s a Great Tool Must Try To Check Your Website SEO and Solve All the Error and Make Fresh and SEO Friendly Website that helps You To Rank Higher in Search Results.

Why We Use Ubersuggest?

UberSuggest Offers Various Tools Free Of Cost, No Registration Needed and Also It Doesn’t Ask To Provide any Credit Card. This Tool Made By Digital Marketer Expert “The Neil Patel.” Try Once and See How It Works? And Share Your Experience With Us.

I Hope This Article Will Help You To Know About the Tool UberSuggest, Completely. Thank You YouTechians For Giving Your Valuable Time To The Blog YouTech Visit To Gain a Daily Dose Of Knowledge. Also, Know Which are The Paid and Free SEO Recommend By Experts.

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