What is a Blog? And How To Make Money From Blogging ?

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What is a Blog ? and How to Make Money From Blogging ?Here I Will Give The Answers Of these Questions What is a Blog? Also Define Term Blogging and Blogger.

What is a Blog? And How To Make Money From Blogging?

Today Blogging is the Common Word Among the Persons Who Are Passionate about Technology. But, Not Too Much Common Among All the Person. As, Most Of the Internet users Still Didn’t Aware Of the Word Blogging, Blog, and Blogger. If You Want To Know About These Words, then You Are on the Right Place. In this article, I talk about What is a Blog? With Detailed Explanation of there, Related Terms Such as What is Blogging? Who is a Blogger ? and Also Why it is Important? As most of the Brand Make their Blog. Let’s Know About These Words.What is a Blog

  • What is a Blog?

The Term Blog is the Modified/Shortening word of Weblog. It Means blog is an Online Website Where People Share their Knowledge in the Form article, Which Displays Information in the reverse chronological order, it means the Latest or New Article Will Appear in the First. In the Beginning, Blog Was Just a Personal Dairy where People Write their Daily Small Incidents/information that they are Truly Connected with those incidents.

But, After Few Years Goes, they think that if I have Knowledge, then I can Share with the Whole OverWorld. So, If My Information will Help the Needy Person, then I was So Happy. Then, the beginning of Online Blog Started. And, Now it is Platform Where single Person or Group of Person Writes in a particular Niche(Subjects) that they Are Interested. I Hope Finally You Know What is a Blog? Did You Want to Know What is Tumblr?

  • How Does Blog look Like Today? (Structure Of Today’s Blog)

Today We Can Say that it Look like a Dairy but not Personal. In Dairy, Firstly You Write Heading that Means In which Topic You Want To Written You Write whole Your Information that Section Called Body/MainContent. After in last, You Write Your Name or Date, Whatever You Want that is Called Footer Section. Let’s Know it Technical; Blog has a standard Structure as All follow in which Header, Body, Sidebar, Footer section Are Present As Shown in the Below Image.what-is-blog-layout

This is the Example of Basic Structure. You can Customize In Your Way as You Like How You Want To Show Your Blog To Other?

  • What is Blogging?

Blogging is the Skill that needs a blogger to run or Control the Blog. Blogging is not a single skill, lots of Skills Under Blogging Such as Article Writing with SEO Friendly, Digital Marketing, Keyword Research, and also lots of Skills. But, You can Gain these Skills WhenYou Do Blogging. Not in a single day, but after Few Months you spend your Life in the Field Of Blogging You Gain These Skills and Become Pro Blogger.

And, Also Then You Can Know How To Make Money From Blogging. But not in the Initial Stage You Can Earn. Firstly You Need To Take attention of the Users that Visit Your Blog. You Need to Give The best information a Users Need if Your Information Helps the users, then the users Give attention To Your Blog then Your Brand Gets Trust From the user’s and Become more Success And then can earn.

  • Popularity Of Blogging

In the recent Times, Blogging is not much Complicated is Just information Sharing Platform. As Most Of the News Channel Do Blogging To share News Online and gain Online Visitors. So, that they can create Their Channel More Popular than Others News Channel. And, also they make money. Both the way Ads showing on TV Channel and With their Blog. But, Blogging is not only for the News Channel most of the People Do blogging to share their knowledge, and also they become successful in the field of blogging. Compare to recent Times, the number of internet users increases. So, that  Lots of Blog Started then lots of Blogger become successful by sharing valuable information.

  • Who is a Blogger?

Blogger is the Person Who Runs or control the Blog. It Means, Posting articles/Post, Sharing Latest Information or News, Give Opinion on different Products that Creates Most Confusion in this competitive world. Blogger Needs to be up to date Regularly with New Technology information. So, They Can Provide Their Opinion Through Their blog. For Sharing Information They Need to do Complete Case Study on that Topic. So, Blogger is almost All rounder as they do ArticlePosting, Keyword Research, Digital Marketing, Serch Engine Optimization, and Much More Things To Do.


  • How To Become a Blogger?

Its Simple Just Create a blog according to Your Interest or With your information. There are Lots of Fields you can Start Blogging and Become Blogger Such as Tech, Food, Health, Fitness, Games, and Much More. Then Share Your Information Globally, and You Become Blogger. In recent times, Bloggers is Career Job as Most of the People Make Their Life With Blogging. As You Can Make Lots Of Money Through Blogging.

  • How To Make Money From Blogging?

Yes, you can earn Money By doing Blogging but not in the initial Stage. Firstly, you need to gain Trust From Visitors that hear valuable things are provided. So, you gain attention and if you gain attention from users. Then lots of visitors come to your blog. Then you can Make Money But How? You need to Apply For Advertisers Platform that Shows ads to your blog such as Google Adsense the most Trusted and lots of users use their Ads Platform Service to make money I also use Google Adsense.google-adsense-earning

( If You Can’t Approve Your Adsense For Your Site Then We Can Verify Your Adsense Account Contact us By Email)

Also, Lots of Ways to Make Money From a Blog Such as by applying toMedia.net, through affiliate marketing, Selling Products, and too lots of ways. I Hope Now You Know All About What is a Blog? Definition of Blogging, Bloggers, and also How To Make Money From Blogging and become Successful. You can Start Blogging as a Part-time by Spending 3 to 4 hrs daily to your Blog. If you To Know How To Create a Blog, then I will Tell In Short which things you need to Start Your Blog. Then In My next article, I will Explain All these Things.

  • How to Create a Blog?

  1.  You Need a Domain Such as My Domain Name is YouTech .ooo. You can take Domain According To Your Niche, and I will Prefer You To Buy a .com domain as dot com is a Top-Level Domain.
  2. Second Things is Hosting, the Online House where You Store your blog Materials and can Serve to users Online. You can Start by using Blogger Platform which Provides Free Unlimited Hosting. And, IF You want To spend Some money, then you can go through WordPress as this website is a WordPress hosted Website. Comment Which One is better blogger or WordPress. Also, YouTech Users Get More than 50% +discounts on Bluehost Hosting. Visit Bluehost From below Offer link.bluhost-coupons
  3. Connect Your Domain To Your Hosting; Then You Domain Become Live.
  4. Now Write Article according To Your Interest. This is not Full Guide To Create You Blog.

I will Provide You with an Idea of How Can You Make Your Blog? These are Beginning the Stage. Next Article I will cover A to Z to Make Blog. The Question What is a Blog? Now Solved with the Terms Blogger and Blogging. Now, You Never Search What is a Blog? In Google. If Any Details Missing, then Suggest us By Our Guest Post Section.

Note:- If You Have Any Problem Then You Can Comment Below I Will Try To Solve your Problem. Thanks for Giving Your Valuable Time to or Blog. IF You Gain Knowledge then Don,t be cheap to share with Your friends or in Social Media.

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