What is Backlink? and How To Build High authority Backlinks? In 2022

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What is Backlink? A backlink is the Link Which Comes From Other Website that Can Boost Up Your SEO On SERP but Did You Know How To Get?

A backlink is One of the Most Powerful things that Can Raise Your Website Ranking From Bottom To Top. If You Take Quality Backlinks From the Sites Who Have High Domain Authority and Page Authority With Low Spam Score, then Absolutely It Helps You Site A Lot In Ranking. Also, It Increases Your Website Domain Authority And Page Authority. Did You Know Your Website’s Domain Authority? If not, then Check From Here Bulk DA Checker.

what is backlink
What is Backlink?

So, You Will Know about Your Current DA and PA. Did You know How Many Types Of Backlink Exists? If Not Then Lets Discuss About Types Of Backlink and Which Backlink is Powerful or Best For Our Website.

Mainly Backlinks are of Two Types, Dofollow, and Follow. You Need To Balance both Backlinks For Your Website in Ratio About 6:4, It Means Your Website have Dofollow Backlinks About 60%, and rest are Nofollow. But Why? Because If Your Website Have Only Dofollow, then Google Will Think that You are Using Blackhat Technique Or Doing Spam, and this leads to Increase In Your Website Spam Score.

And If Google Will Noticed Too much Time, then google Will Penalize Your Website. And Your Website Ranking starts Decreasing. So, Gain Complete Knowledge About Backlink. Let’s Discuss Dofollow as well as Nofollow Backlinks.

types of backlink
Types Of Backlink


When We Come to Backlink, then Dofollow is the Powerful and Strong Backlink that Passes Action to Search Engine Bot to Follow the Destination link. If a Link has Dofollow, then it will Boost Up Your SEO and Your Article Will Start Ranking Fast, but Only Dofollow isn’t Boost Your SEO.

While Getting Dofollow Link, You Need To Know about that Website From Which You Are Getting Dofollow, Such as Domain & Page Authority and the Most Important Spam Score. How Much the Website have Spam Score? Lower the Spam Score Higher the SEO and Vice-Versa.


Nofollow Backlinks are the Backlinks that have Opposite Behaviour. If a Link is Nofollow, then it tells the Search Engine Bot not to Follow the Destination Link, Just Ignore them. So, It Doesn’t Involve In SERP Boost, but You Need To Balance Both the Backlinks For Your Website.

Dofollow Backlinks

Without Backlink, Website Is Not a Website; it’s a Shop Without Customer. When You Open new Shop, and If You are Not Showing Your Shop Advertisement On Newspaper, then-No One Know About Your Shop, Only those Know Who Knew You. Similarly, New Website Need to Tell All the Search Engine That You Are Opened New Website For this You Submit Your Website On Webmaster Console.

But, Millions Of Website are Already Submitted, then How Search Engine Give Attention To Your Site? So, For Gaining Attention From all Search Engine, You Need To Make High-Quality Backlinks From those websites Who Already Gained. Below are The Some Benefits Of Making High-Quality Backlinks

  • Drive Huge Organic Traffic and Build Trust.
  • Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority Of Website.
  • People Know About Your Website, and It Becomes a Brand.
  • Instant Boost On Your Website SEO.

Improve Organic Ranking

Mostly New Bloggers think that Why We Make Backlink? As this Task is the Most Boring, You are Right. But, Actually Backlinks Help Your Website To Do Better In Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and If Your Website Do Better in Search Result, then It Will help to Drive Organic Traffic that is Valuable for Your Website.

Organic Ranking

Let’s Take an Example:- When You Search a Keyword, “What is Blog?” On Ahref’s Keyword Explorer Tool( a paid keyword research SEO tool ) You Can See that the Website Which is Ranked On Top Have Lots Of Backlinks and if Your Content can Get Backlinks From these Sites then After Some Time Your Content is on Top.

Faster Indexing

Beginners Facing Problems that their Posts are Not Showing On Search Engine Results Instantly After Publishing Post, It Shows but after Some Days. This happens due to Having low-quality backlinks, or Your Website hasn’t backlinks because of this Search Engine Bot are not able to Discovered Links Instantly.

Search Engine Bots are Only Able To Discovered New Webpages Links by Following Existing Webpage. So, Start Building High-Quality Backlinks from Related Content Webpage, as it gives Value For Your New Website, and it helps in the faster discovery and also Faster Indexing Of Your Content.

Referral Traffic

Mostly Person’s Who is Reading an Article is more Likely to Click on Links that are present on the Post. Because They Want to Know More about that Topic and all links will Drive Traffic From that Post. Means a Webpage Get Audience From Another Webpage that is Referral Traffic.

It is One of Best Way to Drive Huge Traffic In a Short Time. The Best Platform is Quora For Getting Referral Traffic, as Many People are Using and also Able to Drive Huge Traffic.

Increase in Domain & Page Authority

Making Backlink on Root Domain, It Directly Effects on Your Domain And Page Authority (Increase in DA & PA) but the Backlinks Come from the Website Which has High DA and PA With Low Spam Score. If You made Backlinks From the Website having High Spam Score, then it Increases Your Site Spam Score, and it Goes Too Much High. Then Google Will Consider Your Site as a Spammer Website and Your Content Will Not Rank On Google.

Above are the Advantages of Making Backlink, but You Need to Know that as Time-To-Time Google’s Algorithm Changes, also in the Field in of Backlink. There was a time when even having backlinks from low-quality websites help us, but now it’s Gone. You Need To Take Backlinks From Related Site that has Similiar Content You had.

For Example:- Suppose You have a Website On Tech Niche, and You are making Backlinks From Health Niche Website, then these Backlinks Will no help in Your SEO and Also Not Boost Up Your SERP. You Need To Make Backlinks From the Site having Tech Niche, then it will help in Your SEO and Also Boost Up Your SERP. Don’t Try To Do Spamming Be Aware!

Getting High-Quality Backlinks is the Toughest Thing as I Experienced in My Blogging Journey, mostly New Bloggers Face this Problem. As they didn’t have enough information about How to get backlinks? And also Keep In Mind that Google Trust in Quality Not In Quantity.

Here are the Methods of Getting Quality Backlinks:

  1. Start Guest Posting (Best Method)
  2. Use Broken Link Strategy
  3. Write Quality Content
  4. Copy Your Competitors Backlink ( Need Site Explorer Tool )
  5. Submit To Web Directories (Not On Irrelevant Niche)
  6. Social Bookmarking
  7. Comment Backlink (Not Recommended)

Guest Posting

Guest Posting is the Best Method of getting High-Quality Backlinks. On Guest Posting, You Need To Write Awesome Article For Other People Blog’s that are in the Same Niche You’ve so that the Owner of the Website Allow You To add 1-2 Links on the Article. The Owner Of Site Get’s Article For Free and You Get Backlinks. This Will help To forwarding Visitors From One Blog To Another Blog To Gain Too Much Information About that Topic. Why I Told To having the Same Niche?

Suppose a Person Read About What is Backlink? And he/she get a link between the Post that Talk About What is Samosa? They are Interested In Backlink, not in Samosa. So, they Will does not Follow the Link, and then this Will Not Help in SEO. Also, Google Say’s To Get Backlinks From Similiar Content.

But, Finding the Website that Accepting Guest Post is Not an Easy task. So, Below We share Some Advanced Google Search Techniques for Finding Website that Accepting Guest Post. Those websites Which Accept Guest Post generally have “Write For Us”, “Become an Author” Type of Pages on their Website. This Will Help Us To Easily find the Website that Accepts Guest Post from these Advanced Google Searches.

  • [your_topic] “write for us”
  • [your_topic] “become an author”
  • [your_topic] “guest post”
  • [your_topic] “guest article”
  • [your_topic] inurl:contribute

Note:- We Also Accept Guest Post Free Of Cost, You Can Write For Us and We Will Give You a Backlink.

First of All, You Need To Know Domain Authority, Page Authority, Spam Score, and Mostly Niche of the Website From Which You Are Decided For Getting Backlinks. If the Website had High DA/PA With Low Or No Spam Score and also know about the Niche Of that Website. If the Website had Similiar Niche, You had then Take Backlinks From that Website, and it will Help to Boost Up Your SERP.

Don’t Make Too Many Backlinks Only For Root Domain, Try To Make Backlinks for Every Individual Page/Post and Beleive In Quality Not Quantity.

And Most Important Do Not Buy Backlinks or Not to Use Automatic Backlink Generator  Type Services, If do then Your Website Will Start Going Under Spamming Category. If You Want Dofollow Backlinks From YouTech.OOO then Follow the Link Write For Us.

Wrapping Up

I Hope This Article Helps You to Know About What is Backlink? And Why is it Important? For Your Website SEO. If You Gain Any Knowledge, then Don’t Be Cheap to Share With Your Friends and Also in Social Media. Thank You YouTechians For Giving Your Valuable Time To the Blog YouTech.

what is backlink
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