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# 1 What is the life insurance plan and its benefits (Life Insurance Hindi) If a policy person dies by depositing a specified value in life insurance plan or life insurance, money is paid according to the policy and terms of the policy made to Nominee of that person. This policy is left to the family, especially because it has no faith in life, so most people adopt this policy so that after their departure their family can get some help in the matter of money. term life insurance / claim / online quotes insurance # 2 Accident Insurance Hindi In case of accident insurance plan or accidental policy also, if the policyholder accident after the accident has occurred by depositing a specified value, according to the policy terms and conditions, if the policyholder is injured or disabled. Due to hospital expenses or dead, the amount is given. The biggest advantage of the Accidental Insurance Policy is that you do not have to spend any kind of expenses on your accident. The Insurance Policy Company raises the cost, but there are different terms in different policies which should be read only after reading. # 3 Medical and Health Insurance (Hindi) In the Medical and Health Insurance Scheme or Medical and Health Insurance, you also submit a specified value to all the health related matters of the person who has been insured, such as going to a sick hospital, the cost of medicines, the cost of operation, etc. The insurance provider does the company. This policy is very important because every person has a little bit of sickness every year. In this case, these companies also spend some regular checkups in one year. Health insurance policy proves to be very helpful when it is not possible to get sick due to the deteriorating health of tomorrow.