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Wordpress Vs Blogger Which Platform is better? This Question Now Solved in this Article As You Know Blogger is Free and What About Wordpress?

WordPress Vs Blogger Which Platform is better For Blogging this Topic is Quit in Most Confusion. But, Why We Compare Only WordPress and Blogger as Lots of Platforms are Present? Becasue These Two Platforms are More Popular than Other Platform For Blogging.

One of the Blogging Platform is Google Service and the Other one is Developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, Which was Released on May 27, 2003, as a Fork of b2/cafelog. On Time WordPress is not Too much Used Widely. On that time it was not a Blogging Further It was Developed Time-Time and Make it Easier to Understand and Use. Its Simple UI Makes it More Popular than Other Blogging Platform.

  1. WordPress.org (Self-hosted)
  2. WordPress.com ( Non-Self hosted )
  3. Blogger ( Google Service )
  4. Tumblr
  5. Wix
  6. Joomla

and Much More Blogging Platforms Are Present. But, In This Article, We Only Discuss WordPress Vs Blogger Which Platform Is Better in Today Era.


It is  Free to use Service, Which was Provide by Google for Creating Blog Did You Know What is Blog? Blogger was Launched By Google on August 23, 1999, and Currently, it is an Active Service and Was Written in Python Language. And, Its UI Is simple Everyone can Easily Understand all its Features in a Single Views as Blogger did not Provide too many Features in Term of SEO. You Need to Everything Manually.

Why We Choose Blogger For Blogging?

It Is Free to Use. As it doesn’t Cost a Single Rupee For Building A Website For Blogging. They Offer Free Domain Name with Postfix .blogspot.com, also Free Unlimited Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth. No Monthly or Yearly Charges for Hosting Our Website in Blogger. You can also Connect Custom Domain Name With Single Option just Put Your Custom Domain and Put their CNAME in DNS.

If You are a Newbie in the World OF Blogging and You Just want to Share Your Knowledge with Others then Blogger is the Best Platform For You. As It is Google’s Service, then obviously Google is with Blogger. Google Will Upgrade Blogger to attract Attention towards Bloggers. Also, Google Will Change the Name Of Blogger to Google’s Blog and Give a New Look to Blogger.

Why not Choose Blogger For Blogging?

Those Who Loves to Write and Share their Knowledge With Others not For Business or For Making Money. If You Want To Earn Money from Your Blog and Also Want to Make Your Blog As Brand then Blogger is not For You. Because they Not Give You Full Access. Also, You Face lots of Issues in SEO such as Your Post Will Never Appear in Search Engine with Star Rating.

And Blogger Will be Permanent as It Depends on Google’s Mind. As it is a Google’s Service if Google Decide to Close their Blogger Service then Your Hard work Will be Destroy. Recently, Google Decided to Close Their Google+ Service Similarly If Google Think About Blogger then You Can Think About This. Also, You Will Got To Far in the Field of Blogging with Bloggers. I Will does not Recommend If You Want to make Money With Blog and Want to Make it Brand.


It is one of the most Popular Blogging Platform in the World and It is Widely used not only For Blogging also For Website That Does Some Specific Function Such as E-commerce Website, Digital Service Provider Website etc.

WordPress is an Open Source Project which was Developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little on May 27, 2003. What Does it Mean WordPress is an Open Source Project? it means WordPress is Free. You can Download WordPress Project/Files From WordPress.org Directly Without Paying any Cost and Can Use To Develop Your Website for Blogging.


But, it needs Some Coding Knowledge if You have then OK if You don’t have it’s also OK Because We already published a well written article on How to Install WordPress Properly? You, Will, need Hosting and Domain Name For Making a WordPress Website because It is an Open Source Code You Need Hosting Where You Install WordPress and the Domain Name by Which Visitors Can Access Your Blog. However, WordPress are Of Two Types self-hosted and non-self hosted. Let’s know about them.


It is an Open Source Project Which Provides Complete Source Code Of WordPress. You Can Download From the Site Named as WordPress.org, which Gives Original File Of WordPress and Then You can Install It.

This Type of WordPress Site is Known as Self-Hosted WordPress. It Means You Hosted the WordPress By Self and You have all Access in Your Website. If You Want to Delete Your Blog You Can Do otherwise no One can Do this. If You Want to Use WordPress then I will Recommend Self-Hosted WordPress.


I already told that It is an Open Source Project that means it is Free to Use then How they Earn to Maintain? So, They Launched their Company WordPress.com which Provides Hosting, Domain, and Some SEO Tools. As We Need Hosting and Domain to Build Website and for this we go Other Sites to Buy Hosting and Domain.

So, they decided to Provide these Facilities through WordPress.com Still WordPress is Free to Use. As they do not cost For WordPress CMS, they cost for Hosting and Domain. WordPress.com has Some Plans in Which You will Get Power Based Hosting. According to your Traffic, You Can Choose Your Preferred Plans.

Also, They Provide Free Services From but with Limited Services and You Do not Make Money From Free WordPress.com Service.

Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging?

WordPress, it is not Famous From his Branding. It is Because of its Simple UI, Easy to Understand, Provide Lots Of Features, Full Access To Your Site, Install Plugins and much More Features they Provide. Using WordPress Platform You can Go Far in the Field of Blogging and Also make Your Blog a Brand and make lots of Money From Your Own Blog.

Why do not Choose WordPress For Blogging?

If You are New in the World Blogging and You didn’t want to be Trouble then You Do Use WordPress First. Go Through Blogger then After Some Time When You are Gain Some Knowledge then Transfer Your Blogger Blog to WordPress. As I already mentioned that You will not go too Far in the filed Of Blogging through Blogger.

Also, If You didn’t want to invest a Single Rupee then Go through Blogger. As WordPress Requires Small Capital To launch A Proper Working Website.

FeaturesBloggerSelf-Hosted (WordPress.org)Non-Self-Hosted (WordPress.com)
Custom DomainYes, You can Link Custom Domain Name Free.Yes, You can Link Custom Domain Name Free.Yes, You can Link Custom Domain Name But Not Free You Need to $15/Yr
CostFree, IF You use their Domain [dot]blogspot[dot]comWordPress Free but You Need to Pay For Hosting and For DomainBoth (Free + Paid)
Widgets AllowedYes, But Need CodingYesNo, 3rd Party Widgets Not allowed
CustomizationFull AccessFull AccessAllowed, but not Full Access
Software UpdatesGoogle Have RightsYes, Manually UpdateYes, Automatically Update
Allow Pagesup to 10 PagesUnlimitedYes
Earn MoneyYesYesYes


WordPress Vs Blogger Which Platform Is Better? If I Told in Single Word then WordPress is Always Better than Blogger if You Want to Make Your Blog A Brand and Make Money. I Will recommend Self-Hosted. It is Better but in Self-Hosted Vs Non-Self-Hosted which One is better? Obviously Self-Hosted WordPress Is Always Better I will Recommend it.

I hope this Comparison Will Help You To Choose Best Platform For Blogging According To You. If This Will helps You then Share This With Your Blogger Friend, In Social Media.

Thank You For Giving Your Valuable Time in Our Website. Keep Visiting and If You Have Any Problem in WordPress then Contact Us We Will Help You.

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