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Here You Can Write For Us on,

If You Want to Share Your Knowledge or Experience with others then You are most welcome. gives you offer to Write an article and if your article satisfies our condition then we will publish your article on within  6hrs.


  • Rules to Write Here

  1. The Article have you Written isn’t copied from another website and must be 100% Unique Content.
  2. You can Add one Backlink in Your Post, More than one we can’t Accept.
  3. The Article contains minimum  500 words and maximum how much you able to Write?
  4. We Only Accept English Content on  and For Hindi Content, we have another website where you can Write.
  5. Include At least 1 Image Related to Your Article.
  • Writing Rules

  1. Must Write For Us in Small Paragraphs. So, Viewers can easily read your article.
  2. Don’t Use Copywrite images, You can use free Stock Images or You can download from
  3. If You Want to Use External Links on Article then use only trusted links don’t do Spam. ( Only One Link Of you Website You can Use otherwise your post will be rejected )
  4. Use H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 on Your Post/Article.
  • How To Become Publisher On Here

  • Firstly You Need To Create an Account by Clicking The Create An Account button Below.

guest Post

  • After Creating Account you will not get any mail on your email. We will manually verify and approve your account within 24hrs from registration. After then You can log in your account by using username/email and password by clicking below button.

Write Your Article

  • Now You can Customize your profile and also you can access the dashboard where you can Write For Us.

You Will Only Get Contributor Role that means you can write the article but can’t publish and also you cannot add any images or thumbnail on your post. In the Last Of Your Article Add Image Url (upload your images on google drive and mention that URL). After Sometime you will get a promotion and become Authorship.

Then You can directly Publish your article without admin permission and also you can use images and thumbnail also.

  • Your Benefits of Joining Our Community Write For Us

  1. You Can Share Your Knowledge With Others. So, You Become Teacher that Teach thousands of People.
  2. If You have already a website then you will get Backlinks that increase your traffic as well as Ranking.
  3. Most Important You Will Get Happiness. When we share something with others, We feel Happy.
  4. Soon We Will Introduce Reward System and Exciting Prizes or Paytm Cash.

Note:- If You Have Any Doubt or any Queries then Comment Below or You can directly Send Mail by Visting Our Contact Us Page.


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