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New Update Story:

Dive into the world of WoW! Our comprehensive guide reveals the potential of the powerful Awakener class and its Guardian specialization features.

Starting with the Dragonflight update, the developers began not only to promote and develop the story of continental Azeroth but also to add new story outcomes, such as the discovery of hidden Dragon Isles with a new Daktir race, which both the Horde and the Alliance can play.

By choosing a character that has a kinship with dragons and a mixture with the human race, you will get the option to develop it into a protective form – the Guardian or an attacking class that has the ability to hover and use fire to heal or incinerate its enemies.

You can equip your Draktir for damage or defense by investing your time in the quest and grind development system or by purchasing game gold from the Skycoach service.

Key Points: WoW Dragonflight’s Guardian Awakener Class

The Guardian is a full-fledged specialization with an emphasis on support and healing for yourself and your group, based on the principle of creating regenerative zones and releasing magic in a certain radius.

You will be able to heal your allies, reduce the strength of incoming damage, and increase the overall speed.

Key changes in the new patch for the Guardian class:

  • Increased healing power for most skills.
  • New talent, Intense Mana, which increases the damage to the target and the power of incoming healing on it.
  • Regenerative magic – a new talent that increases all incoming healing for you.
  • All primary healing abilities have been buffed except for rewind, which has received a 20% reduction.
  • Life-Giving Flame now counts your damage dealt to 5 targets and distributes it to allies as a heal.

Strengths of the Guardian Awakener class

  • Strong group healing due to spewing flames and restoring the health of all who fell under its effect.
  • A set of skills to heal and buff allies and reduce incoming enemy damage.
  • Skills aimed at accelerating oneself due to takeoff, the ability to quickly move to an ally, or vice versa, pull him out from under the blow.
  • The hero can use all his magic while moving.
  • Ability to deal with fire damage and even convert damage to healing.
  • Talents to increase all types of protection and the ability to enhance this skill up to two charges at once.

Critical Considerations: Weaknesses of Guardian Awakener Class

  • The total radius of all healing skills will be less than that of similar healers, and your allies must be in the line of fire to receive all the regenerative properties.
  • Many of the spells are not targeted but simply activated and are controlled by game movement until the moment they go on cooldown.
  • Of the skills for critical health recovery, only rewind is used.
  • Basic spells have a long cast time before reaching the effect, which you need to consider and plan your cast.

Maximizing Potential: Priority Characteristics for Guardian Awakener Class Development

Each character in World of Warcraft has its own set of characteristics that take precedence over the rest for the development and strengthening of the class and additional opportunities for the hero to reveal his potential.


It is the most important and basic parameter for all heroes who use magic and spend mana to cast spells.

Intelligence allows you to increase the damage and effectiveness of both offensive and defensive magic, balance the cost of mana relative to the damage or healing it deals with, add the probability and strength of a critical attack, and other useful properties.

Intelligence is a fundamental attribute, just like Strength and Agility, and in order to increase it, you need to strive for better equipment, unique boss equipment, and simply legendary equipment, which will also have a general increase in intelligence, among other bonuses.


A parameter that affects the effectiveness of the use of all types of skills – physical and magical orientation.

The higher the characteristic, the more likely that the skill will work.

Mastery increases the chance of passing a debuff, gives a chance that the buff will work with a vengeance, or will not have a cooldown.

For a healer, this is proc stability, strength, and a chance to heal more than originally intended.

For attacking skills, which Draktir also has a lot of, this is the total damage and the chance to break through the resistance of the enemy or a strong monster.

Critical Hit

This is a chance to deal double damage at a certain chance and applies to both normal attacks and skill uses.

This a great stat for a healer whose healing skill can heal twice as much health as originally planned.

For offensive skills, this has the potential to deal more damage and hit the enemy harder than normal attacks.


The most stable parameter that evenly increases the characteristics of attack and defense, depending on the level and equipment.

It is he, as one of the criteria, that determines how much damage you will inflict on an enemy with equipment equal to yours, with superiority, or a lag in level.

Versatility can hardly be called a key or priority characteristic. Still, it is precisely this that allows you to supplement important parameters for any healer defense because, despite all the maneuvers, he still remains a priority target in raids and PVP.


A parameter that determines your mobility in relation to safety from enemies and the ability to approach an ally for healing and strengthening quickly.

Yes, Draktirs are races that are mobile on their own, but, firstly, this characteristic has no obvious limit. Secondly, speed also affects the speed of casting spells and automatically attacking targets, which is useful to all casters, including any healers.

Key Takeaways for the Guardian Awakener class

This is a strong, tough, and, most importantly, agile hero who is able to quickly approach an ally to heal or save him from lethal damage.

The character will appeal to those players who like to play as strong healers but have options for dealing damage and exploring the world by traveling on a dragon and trying out a new race introduced by Blizzard developers as part of the World of Warcraft Dragonflight update.

The new race, by the way, begins its journey directly on the new islands, so it will appeal to those who are not ready to leave the WoW servers but want to try something new and be in the role of support.

The main snag can be the lack of directed healing because in order to help your comrades-in-arms, you need to control the hero so that everyone falls under your flame. On the other hand, such an unusual mechanic allows you to help more players on your way and teaches you how to use support resources more efficiently and, at the same time, have the potential to attack enemies.

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