Explained: How To Make Monster In Little Alchemy 2? A Step-by-Step Guide

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We came up with another Little Alchemy 2 tutorial where we discussed how to make monsters by combining different elements. So, Let's continue...

how to make monsters in little alchemy 2

Do you like playing Little Alchemy 2? If yes, then you also know that there are lots of things present, and also new items can be created by combining any two elements. Monster is one of the elements in Little Alchemy 2. If you are interested in knowing how to make monsters in Little Alchemy 2, continue reading this masterpiece.

Unfortunately, the monster is an element in this game that cannot be made by combing two different things. If you want to get a monster element, you need to use the Myths and Monsters pack. This article will explain how you can obtain the Myths and Monsters Pack, which is necessary to unlock the Monster Element. Are you excited? Stay tuned! We will tell you how you can make monsters in Little Alchemy 2.

What is Little Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2 is currently one of the most trendy games created by Reclock. The game is all about combining and creating new items. However, On starting, you only get four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. With just these four elements, you can discover countless new elements by combining any two then with the result.

  • Unlockable Items: There are some items that can’t be discovered only can be unlocked by reaching a certain level.
  • Finite Items: Items that cannot be formed into something new are finite items.
  • Final products: They are not in the catalog but in the encyclopedia.
  • Deleted Items: These are standard items, to begin with, but disappear from your workspace once you’ve found all possible combinations.
  • Core Items: These are items that you get from the start or can be unlocked by meeting certain conditions.

It depends on your knowledge of what you can discover by combining different things or can follow someone’s tutorials.

Remember that some combinations are less obvious than others. Also, Creating things is simple; you just have to drag elements on top of other elements. We mean combine them, and if they connect, the new elements will be discovered, which can be on the encyclopedia section and the board.

How To Access Myths and Monsters Pack?

Here are the instructions to access the Myths and Monsters Pack.

Step 1: Open the Little Alchemy 2 app on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Now move to the left side or bottom of the screen. You will see the shop icon there. After that, click on the in-game trading option. Here you will see several options. Select the Myths and Monsters content. From there, you will reach the shopping icon.

Step 3: Tap the purchase icon and purchase the package according to the on-screen processes.

You can unlock the myth and monster pack if you complete these tasks successfully. Start exploring what this content pack has to offer. Access to Monstrous Element Once you’ve unlocked the Myths and Monsters Pack, you’ll gain access to the Monster Element.

What’s inside Myths and Monsters Pack?

myths and monsters pack

Well, after opening the content pack, you don’t need to do anything else. The Myths and Monsters pack will add two new things to your inventory. Those two things are a monster and immortality. By combining these two elements, you can create new items.

On the other hand, you can explore legendary monsters and mythical gods by unlocking the Myths and Monsters content. When you create a new item in Little Alchemy 2, you can do a number of new things using that item. The same goes for the monster element of the game.

For example, if you combine Monster and Witch, you get Baba Yaga. If you mix a Monster with a Fairy or a Monster and a Sound, you can get a Banshee. To create a Bunyip, you must combine a monster and a swamp. If you combine a monster with a goat or a mountain goat, you can make a Chimera. Below, We’re going to provide you with a list of monsters that can be made by combining monsters with different elements.

Easiest Way To Make A Monster

In little alchemy 2, we can find an element monster that is available in purchasing the content pack Myths and Monsters, which are among the starting items.

different monsters of little alchemy 2
CockatriceChicken + Monster Egg + Monster
WolpertingerFlying Squirrel + Monster Squirrel + Monster
Will-O’-WispLamp + Monster Light + Monster Light bulb + Monster
VodyanoyFrog + Monster
TrollBridge + Monster Cave  + Monster Mountain + Monster Mountain range + Monster
TenguBird + Monster
SelkieSeal + Monster
SalamanderFire + Monster Lava + Monster Lizard + Monster Volcano + Monster
OrcElf + Monster Human + Monster
OozeBatter + Monster Cookie Dough + Monster Dough + Monster Jam + Monster Liquid + Monster Mud  + Monster
OniDemon  + Monster
MothmanMoth + Monster
MimicBox + Monster Container + Monster Treasure  + Monster
KrampusSanta  + Monster
MaraDarkness + Monster Night + Monster
KrakenFish + Monster Ocean + Monster Sea + Monster Shark  + Monster
KelpieHorse + Monster Seahorse  + Monster
JackalopeRabbit + Monster
HydraLake + Monster Snake + Monster
GriffinLion + Monster
GremlinAirplane + Monster Helicopter + Monster Pilot + Monster Seaplane  + Monster
GoblinSmall + Monster
GashadokuroBone + Monster Skeleton + Monster
GargoyleCastle + Monster Rock + Monster Statue + Monster Stone  + Monster
DomovoiDomestication + Monster House  + Monster
DjinnDesert  + Monster Dune  + Monster Sandstorm  + Monster
CthulhuGalaxy + Monster Galaxy cluster + Monster Solar System + Monster Space + Monster Universe  + Monster
ChimeraGoat + Monster Mountain goat + Monster
Calydonian boarPig + Monster Wild boar + Monster
GiantBig  + Monster
BunyipSwamp  + Monster
BansheeFaerie  + Monster Sound  + Monster
Baba YagaWitch  + Monster
SandmanSand  + Monster

We can also make Frankenstein’s monster in little alchemy 2 with the combinations of corpse and legend/electricity/story for which no myths and the monster pack are required.

Wrapping Up

Little Alchemy 2 game isn’t just a game as it helps to improve thinking skills as well as know about different new things. Today’s article is about how to make monsters in Little Alchemy 2, so follow the above tutorial to create new monsters in the game. Moreover, We had also covered a tutorial on making Time in LA2. Let us know which one is your favorite from the above list and why.

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