10 BEST Pokemon Games On Roblox To Play In 2024 [ranked]

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We came up with the list of the 10 best Pokemon Games On Roblox, which are freely available to play, and if you're a Pokemon game-type fan, then you enjoy the list.

BEST Pokemon Games On Roblox

Pokemon has been the favorite cartoon of all time in the last two to three decades, and also teenagers are very attracted to the Pokemon games like Pokemon Go and other stuff. And not only that, but every teenager has their favorite Pokemon. Now we are going to tell you how to play your favorite Pokemon games on Roblox, so now let’s head into top Pokemon games on Roblox.

10 Best Roblox Pokemon Games

Pokemon Universe

Pokemon Universe

Isn’t it amazing to be able to play a game universe with full of Pokemons? So this is about a game called Pokemon Universe.

Pokemon Universe is a game that gives a wide range of options for a player; for instance, it gives you the option of playing as a trainer or as a Pokemon compared to other games with either option.

The game has changed in many aspects, and now also it allows you to join online servers and play with distant friends and random people. Also, the Pokemon Universe has a good narrative and many more options for you to enjoy fully.

Pokemon Galaxy

Pokemon Galaxy roblox pokemon games

Pokemon galaxy game on Roblox is a type of RPG game, and it inspired and borrowed some ideas from the main game like Pokemon Go. The best thing about Pokemon galaxy is that it allows you to select your Pokemon; for example, Pikachu, and also the gameplay has a wide variety of Pokemon to choose from any generation.

The game will give you the nostalgia of the old Pokemon series and should be checked out by die-hard Pokemon lovers.

Pokemon Legends 2

Pokemon Legends 2

Pokemon legends 2 is a natural successor to the famous game pokemon legends. Given the popularity of the previous generation game, many of the people have checked out this new version of the game since its launch.

In Pokemon legends 2, there is a mixture of regular Pokemon with custom ones which will enable the user to enjoy their favorite Pokemon or any new custom Pokemon which will be new to them. The graphics are also good, and there are good power upgradation in this new version compared to the last one. It’s one of the most popular games on the Best Pokemon Games On Roblox list.

Legends of Space

Legends of Space roblox pokemon games

Another add-on to our list of Roblox games is the Legends of space game. It’s another top game on this list, and you will be amazed by playing this.

When you play this game, you will notice that multiple generations of Pokemon are present in the game, making it better than many other games. Also, you can choose multiple Pokemon and play duals with another player in a battle gym and also collect Pokemons of the opponent player, which makes users go crazy!!! So go check this game out on Roblox, and you will love it.

Pokemon Brick Bronze

Pokemon Brick Bronze

This game is top-notch of all the games in the list as it gives you a lot of things to explore, and also you can trade your Pokemon with others, upgrade them and play battles with the opponents. The main thing about this game is that it has a lot to offer compared to other games. Also, this game is not updated for 2 to 3 years, but players continue to play this game despite of that. As people haven’t stopped using this game, it has a huge fan base of about 400 million, which is a humungous number to believe.

Bloxymon: Become The Greatest Trainer

Bloxymon Become The Greatest Trainer

Bloxymon is also a much larger map game in which you can explore, roam around and find a bloxymon and evolve them to catch the other bloxymon is a custom game in which there are custom skins for every Pokemon, which makes the game free from risk of banning and users are enjoy freely without worrying.

Monsters of Etheria: Pokemon Fighters EX Reimagined

roblox Monsters of Etheria

Check out this amazing game which gives a 3D experience to the users while playing. Also, monsters of etheria will take you on a vast tour where you can capture different etherican creatures inhabiting the game world.

Monsters of etheria is the first Roblox game based on Pokemon, and it was developed by uglypoe. In this game also, you can unlock much more Etherians and fight with other players to get EXP.

Loomian Legacy

Loomian Legacy

This is one of the most interesting games on the list of Best Pokemon Games On Roblox where you can experience a different kind of character with similarities to the original Pokemon. In this game, the loomians are modified versions shown in the game, which you have to go into the closet area and capture them so by this way; you can collect as many as possible loomians and enjoy the game likewise.

Loomian Legacy was created by Llama Train Studio in 2019, even though the characters are not actual Pokemon but a custom version, you can say, which gives similar vibes to the Pokemon world.

Project: Pokemon

Project Pokemon

When you talk about one game that’s projected Pokemon players on Roblox, go crazy, as this is the game that actually came close to the Pokemon world with its better UI and navigation; it attracted millions of users.

But in recent years, it got banned because of copyright issues, but still, Roblox managed to overcome and transfer the data to the next generation of the game.

You will be amazed by watching the gameplay, which actually shows a character similar to the Pokemon, and that’s why Pokemon lovers very much love it. Moreover, You can also look at the list of Best Anime Games On Roblox.

Pokemon Arena X

Pokemon Arena X

Pokemon Arena X was a game that was created by SomeRandomGuysrg, with its first revision being published on April 24, 2010.

This one in the list is one of the easiest games to learn as it has a very straightforward type of gameplay. The rules are like playing various fights, and if you win, there is a level-up. The higher the level is directly equal to the higher HP and power. Also, you get to unlock different badges, which gives players access to various Pokemon to play.

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