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BOMBitUP APK or International SMS BOMBER APK allow to do prank with your friends or family by SMS, Call Blast, and Email Blast.

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Android4.1 & Above
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Last UpdatedApril 10, 2024

From the Author: We understand that you came for BOMBitUP, but it’s important to understand the risks involved. MOD APKs can contain malware that steals your personal information, harm your device, and get your account banned. So, We recommend you to stick with the Official one for safe and fair play. But there are exciting ways to enhance your BOMBitUP experience without resorting to mods. Let’s have a look what the app has to offer?

Did You Know Why You Need to Download BOMBitUP From External Source rather than PlayStore? The Reason is that the Application is not available in the Google Playstore; that’s why you need to Download it from other Sources. Also, If the Application Stops Working After Few Days, then You need to Comeback to this Post and Download Latest Version Of BOMBitUP.

Are You the Kind Of Person Who is always in the Mood to do Prank With Friends? And are you Looking for Different Ways to do Prank? If Yes, then You’re at the Right Place. Here, I’m Going to introduce an Amazing Android Application through Which You Can Tease Your Family Members and Friends by sending multiple messages and calls Anonymously.

However, You need to know that if you’re using this SMS Bomber, APK Called BOMBitUP for taking revenge from others, then You’re the responsible if anything happens with you. Also, The Developer of the App and Our Site will not take responsibility if you do anything wrong by using this Prank App. However, if your intention is not to hurt someone, just to do Prank with Friends, then You’re are Completely Safe.

BOMBitUP APK Download
BOMBitUP APK Download

The app is only available for Android users and was developed by an Indian developer in India; that is why the app BOMBitUP only supports Indian numbers up to its last version. In the latest version, it also supports international mobile numbers as well, and because of this, the application became famous around the world.

In this article, We’ll discuss Amazing Features of BOMBitUP Apk and also will provide you the download link of the latest version, but before that, let’s know about the App.

What is BOMBitUP APK?

It is an SMS Bomber Application that is used to do Prank with your family members and friends. The App allows you to send lots of messages, calls to particular Numbers, Email to Tease People without revealing Your Identity Information. Currently, The App is only available for Android users but not present on Google Play Store because it doesn’t satisfy Playstore Policy. Also, Its Developers are on the way to release Bombitup For IOS, but it takes time to build. So, If You’re an IOS User, then You need to Wait to use this SMS Bomber Application on Your Device.

In BOMBitUP, You may See Some Advertisements because this is the Only Source to generate revenue and can maintain the App. Also, Some Features are Locked Like Custom Messages, Text Limit, etc. and to Unlock You’ve to Pay a Small Amount. However, You get enough features without Paying a single Penny, and it’s your choice Whether You Want Advance Features or Not. Let’s Know What Features You’ll Get On BombitUp APK?

Features of BOMBitUP APK

Features Play an essential role in any application to stand in this Competitive World. Everyone tries to provide exciting and useful features on their Application, and Bombitup also did. You have lots of unique features through which you can Tease Your Friends very Easily. So, Let’s Have a Look on Features.

SMS Blast

SMS Blast

One of the most notable features that make BOMBitUP APK so much popular. Through SMS Blast, You’ll be able to Send Non-Stop Messages on Victim’s Number and their Phone continuously ringing until you stop Sending. Also, they will not know who is sending the message because your identity is kept secret, and things are doing anonymously. However, You can tell me that You’re doing because the application is made only for doing Pranks with Friends.

Call Blast

Call Blast

The Feature is almost similar to SMS Blast. Here, You’re attacking Victim’s Number through Calls. I mean, when you use this Feature, calls will continue to be sent to Victim’s number through unknown numbers (Use Truecaller Premium to Know Unknown Number Details). They will be confused about who is doing it and also get angry. So, It totally depends on You Whether You want to use Call Blast Or Not.

Email Blast

Email Blast

Another Feature to Tease People by sending numerous Emails Continuously on their Email id and if the id is logged on their Phone, then their Phone Continuously Ringing, and this will lead to Hang. Yes, Their Phone will hang, and they will get angry and can beat you. Hahaha, It depends on the People with which You’re doing Prank.

WApp Spammer

WApp Spammer

Attack On Someone Whatsapp Number by sending Texts Continuously. Yes, the WApp Spammer allows you to send multiple messages to the victims on WhatsApp number automatically, and this will be the reason for their WhatsApp crash.



How do You feel When Someone Do SMS Bombing On Your Number? I know it’s Frustrating, and their developer also knows that’s Why they Provide an Option to Protect Your Number From attacks. To Prevent From BOMBitUP, You have to add your number or email in the Protection features. Then no one can do bombing on your phone by using BOMBitUP but can do through other apps.

How To Install BOMBitUP APK On Android?

Installation Process is not a Rocket Science. You have to follow the Tutorial mentioned below Step-By-step. Then You’ll be able to install the BOMBitUP APK On Your Android as it is not available for IOS Devices.

Step 1: Firstly, You have to Uninstall the Previous Version and then Download the BOMBitUP APK From the Link Provided in the Download Section Of this Article.

Step 2: After Downloading, Click on the Downloaded APK File, and if Your Device shows a Security Warning, then enable “Unknown Source” by visiting Settings>Security.

Step 3: Now, Again, Click On the BOMBitUP APK file, and this time, you will not see any Warning, then Click On the Install Button and Wait.


Step 4: After a Few Seconds, You will See a Success message which means the BOMBitUP APK is successfully installed on Your Device.


Step 5: Click On Open and Start Teasing Your Friends.

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Wrapping Up

It is one of the most Popular Bomber Applications through which you can Tease People Only For fun and not use it for taking revenge. If you do, then You’re are responsible if anything happens with You.

In this Article, We Tried to Provide you the information regarding the Topic with the latest and Working version of BOMBitUP APK. If You Face Any Issues, then You can Ask us By Dropping You queries in the Comment. Thank You For Visiting! Have a Good Day!

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