Bus Simulator Indonesia V4.1.2 (Unlimited Money, Master Driving Skill)

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Bus Simulator Indonesia that gives you many more exciting features including unlimited money, bus skins, buses unlocked, etc.

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NameBus Simulator Indonesia
Size46M + 277M
Android4.2 & Up
Last UpdatedMarch 7, 2024

From the Author: We understand that you came for Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK, but it’s important to understand the risks involved. MOD APKs can contain malware that steals your personal information, harm your device, and get your account banned. So, We recommend you to stick with the Official one for safe and fair play. But there are exciting ways to enhance your Bus Simulator Indonesia experience without resorting to mods. Let’s have a look what the game has to offer?

We always wonder seeing the bus driver how they drive such a long and heavy bus smoothly even with lots of passengers? Did you ever wonder? You may be, but you can’t do anything as you can’t actually drive the bus to get the real-life experience; then how will you know about the feeling they feel while driving? The answer is that you can Download Bus Simulator Indonesia, which is a bus simulation game where you get the experience of a bus driver, and the game scene is of Indonesian roads.

bus simulator indonesia

However, Many realistic buses are locked in the game that you can unlock through in-game currency. To get money, you have to complete the task, or you can buy it with real currency. But this is not possible for everyone; that’s why we came up with Bus Simulator Indonesia; it gives you unlimited money, which is capable of unlocking anything in the game. So, Let’s know more about this Bus Simulator Indonesia.

Gameplay: Bus Simulator Indonesia

We used to see buses running on the roads daily, but we never noticed how bus amazing is? You don’t know as you have never driven, but you can get the driving experience with this game. Bus Simulator Indonesia is a bus simulation game that allows the player to drive a bus in Indonesia where you have to pick up passengers from different places then drop them at their destination, and you get rewards (in-game money) which you can use to unlock new bus.

Actually, You’re working as a bus driver, and you very well know about a driver’s work. By the way, the Bus Simulator Indonesia game was developed by Maleo and was globally released in the year 2017; that has over 50 Million downloads on the playstore. Now, you may understand how much interesting the game is? However, You have to follow the traffic rules and have to control the bus perfectly; otherwise, it will lead to an accident. This is all about the game; let’s know about the modified version.

What is Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK?

Bus Simulator Indonesia is one of the most popular bus simulation games in Indonesia as the game has different cities in Indonesia, and with this modified version, you get everything unlocked. All the buses in the game are fully unlocked, and you can choose whatever bus you want to drive in the game.

However, You have unlimited money, and you can use them as you wish. Apart from this, there are many features present in the game. So, Let’s know about those features.

Features Of Bus Simulator Indonesia

Drive Different Buses

You are from different countries around the world, and you don’t have an idea about the buses in Indonesia. But, After playing Bus Simulator Indonesia, you will remember almost all the buses of Indonesia as you have lots of buses in the game that you will drive while playing the game. Buses include Scania K 360 IB, Hino RK 8 R260, Scania K 410 IB, etc.

many buses to drive

However, many of them are initially locked, and you can unlock them by playing Career Mode. By the way, All of them are already unlocked in Bus Simulator Indonesia.

Multiplayer Mode

play online with friends

Not all driving simulation game has a multiplayer mode, but Bus Simulator Indonesia allows you to play it with your friends online, and you can go to different places in bus convoys with your friends online. This makes the game more enjoyable, and you will not be bored while playing the game as it makes the game full of adventure.

Customize Bus

This feature allows you to customize the bus as you wish; whether you want to change the tire, paint, or seat, it doesn’t matter; you can easily do with this customization option. But, It requires money; without it, you can’t do anything, as every single change in the bus requires in-game currency.

customize bus

However, you can earn money by playing career mode, but that earned amount isn’t enough to customize the bus; that’s why we shared Bus Simulator Indonesia; it comes with unlimited money.

Realistic Indonesian Road

realstic routes

What if you don’t get a real-life bus driving experience while playing a bus simulation game? You will definitely be bored at a limit of time. But this is not the case with Bus Simulator Indonesia, as the game has real buses and places of Indonesia so that you will get the feel of a real-life experience. The name itself tells us that the game theme is totally based on Indonesia, and the developer very well presented to us.

Unlimited Money

download bus simulator indonesia mod apk

Basically, We talk about the in-game currency that acts as a medium to exchange with in-game items, and you can get it with your real-world money. Without this, you can’t unlock new items or even can’t upgrade existing ones which means it is one of the most important things in the game. Yes, It is; that’s why Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK comes with unlimited money, which means you can now unlock every possible thing present in the game that requires money.

Wrapping Up

Bus Simulator Indonesia, also known as BUSSID, is a bus simulation game that lets the bus driver get the experience and a view of Indonesian roads, places, etc. It is the only game in the category of bus simulation that lets you experience the most authentic Indonesian environment. However, We’re here to provide you with the modified version of this game, Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK, which has its own advantage already mentioned above.

So, Download Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK and start enjoying the gameplay with everything unlocked. Also, let us know about the experience after playing the game and if yes, have any questions, then drop them. Keep Visiting:)

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