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Fire Video APK: All-in-one solution for your entertainment requirement because it comes with all video-on-demand app content that too free.

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Updated to version 16.3!

NameFire Video APK
Size24.8 MB
Android6.0 & Above
Last UpdatedMay 7, 2024

From the Author: We understand that you came for Fire Video APK, but it’s important to understand the risks involved. MOD APKs can contain malware that steals your personal information, harm your device, and get your account banned. So, We recommend you to stick with the Official one for safe and fair play. But there are exciting ways to enhance your Fire Video APK experience without resorting to mods. Let’s have a look what the app has to offer?

We already moved towards the era of screen entertainment; We mean OTT, and we know that there is not only one in the market. Also, Each OTT has taken someone’s exclusive rights, which means that when there is a web series or movie released by that media partner, then that will be only available on those apps that have their exclusive rights. Basically, We want to put light on the fact that we have to take separate subscriptions to different applications in order to watch what we want.

fire video mod apk

However, We had already shared individual modified versions such as Netflix Premium APK, Prime Video, etc. But, Today, we came up with another interesting application which is Fire Video APK, that allows you to stream all OTT content in a single place and too without taking any subscription. So, Let’s have a look at this application.

What is Fire Video APK?

Well, you definitely heard about Momix, even used quite a lot if you’re a regular visitor of YouTech; the Fire Video is quite similar but with more features and content as well. The app allows you to stream content of different OTTs without a subscription as well as no need to download their application. Moreover, You got some useful features like offline mode, the option to change language and quality, etc.

With Fire Video APK, you will be able to stream the latest releases in HD quality without buffering and lagging. Now, you may think, Are more features present in this Fire Video, or it’s done? Let me make you aware of all the features of this Fire Video MOD APK.

Features Of Fire Video For Android

Perfect for those who love to watch movies and web series regularly, as you don’t have to roam elsewhere to find your favorite one. Below are the features present in this application.

Multiple OTTs


More than 10 OTTs content are available to stream and in an organized way so that you don’t waste your time even searching for the movies or series that you’re looking to watch. When you open the application in the home feed, you will get to see a section with the OTTs logo; select any one, then scroll or search the content. That’s it! Well, let me clear some old movies or series will not be available to watch.

Endless Content


Even after mentioning that multiple OTTs content are present, do we need to elaborate on why we call Fire Video APK have endless content; the answer will definitely be No. Still, Let me tell you in brief that you have movies and web series from all the video-on-demand applications that too in a well-organized way. Apart from movies & series, you can stream Live TV channels of different countries, TV Shows, Music, etc. Isn’t it enough for you? Well, that😁 content is also present.



No compromise with quality as it is the element that makes any movie, irrespective of the storyline, engage the audience to watch. However, If the complete story is Tatti, then even quality can’t succeed in engaging the audience in theater but can outside the theater😂. Well, Fire Video APK gives you the option to select the video quality as well as music quality as per your connection speed so that buffering will not take place while streaming.

User Interface


You don’t feel that you’re lost while finding the content you’re looking for on Fire Video APK as everything is categorized and too is in front of you so that you can easily navigate to them to stream your favorite movies. Also, the Search function is there to help you to locate the content easily without hassle.

Other Features

  • Allows the user to make their own playlist that too shareable.
  • Compatible with all Android devices, irrespective of the version.
  • Fewer ads as we can’t claim that there will be no ads as we’re the actual developer.

Wrapping Up

Fire Video APK is currently one of the most popular streaming applications among the MOD community, as it has no subscription for watching movies, web series, etc. The application has a wide range of content with an easy-to-use user interface allowing you to stream your favorite movies.

We have mentioned a lot about Fire Video Premium APK, and maybe you doubt so Download Fire Video Mod APK to get the actual experience. By the way, Don’t forget to share your experience by commenting; also can ask any questions you have.

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