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Shape your own narrative in Episode: Choose Your Story. Dive into interactive stories, make choices, and experience thrilling adventures!

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Updated to version 25.10!

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Android7.0 & Above
DeveloperEpisode Interactive
Last UpdatedMarch 9, 2024

From the Author: We understand that you came for Episode MOD APK, but it’s important to understand the risks involved. MOD APKs can contain malware that steals your personal information, harm your device, and get your account banned. So, We recommend you to stick with the Official one for safe and fair play. But there are exciting ways to enhance your Episode experience without resorting to mods. Let’s have a look what the game has to offer?

Do you have stories to share with others? If yes, then we have a game where you can live your stories in a more interesting way by adding the taste of love, romance, drama, adventure, etc., whatever suits your stories. Moreover, You can read others’ stories as well, as there are more than 150k stories shared by users of this game where they put themselves as a character in their story, but not everyone does it depends from user to user.

By the way, This is a simulation game, so don’t cut yourself from the real world, and the game is Episode – Choose Your Story. I’m sure you will be addicted to reading live stories and creating, but you need to have a creative mind that can create imaginary stories, or you can serve your real-world experience in the story form. But, You need gems and passes, for which generally you have to wait as you will get these in a limited amount regularly and can get them by spending money.

episode choose your story

So, If you don’t want to wait and spend, then this article is only for you as we’re going to share Episode Choose Your Story, which is capable of providing you with some Episode features like unlimited passes and gems that can be used to read unlimited stories. So, Let’s have a look into this to know more.

Episode – Choose Your Story: Gameplay Overview

Before we know about the modified version of this game, let me give you a brief introduction to Episode – Choose Your Story. Basically, It is a single-player interactive story game where you have the options to do character customization, apply beautiful outfits, develop a relationship, etc., in your story that you create in a visual form and then make available for others to play.

Episode – Choose Your Story is all about exploring stories of other creators, not only reading but interacting with the creators as you can consider yourself as a character and respond as per your interest, meaning stories are not static. However, Playing stories costs, so you need to have currencies in the game; then you’ll be able to play stories, and here Episode Game comes into action.

In-game currencies include gems and passes. Also, there are more premium stuff in the game which require Gems and Passes; that’s why we came up with Episode Hack. It is the modified version of the official game Episode – Choose Your Story, which has Unlimited Gems and Passes that can be used to buy anything from the in-game store. Apart from this, there are more features, such as all characters unlocked, direct access to exclusive stories, and many more. So, Let’s have a look into features.

Features Of Episode Choose Your Story

Unlimited Gems

episode mod apk unlimited gems

In the same way, you spend money to buy things in the real world; you also need money in the game world so that you can buy premium ones such as outfits, stories, etc. But, People do want to spend on games, so if you’re one of them, then you can download Episode Choose Your Story, which gives you unlimited gems so that you can spend as per your choice.

Characters Unlocked

You have the feature to create your character, but if you’re a lazy guy or like any characters and want to unlock them, then you can easily do this with Episode Hack, which is modified version. The modified version that we are going to provide you comes with all characters unlocked, which means you can select anyone you want on the game.

Unlimited Passes

One of the most wanted features for which you also came to this Episode Game article as without this, you can’t be able to any stories in the game. The more popular the stories, the more passes it takes to play them, even the ones on the homepage take 5 times as many passes to play as compared to others. However, you will get passes for free, but you have to as the game will provide you 3 passes every 4 hours.

choose your story unlimited times

So, If you’re okay with this, then you don’t need any Episode Choose Your Story, but if you aren’t, then you need it as this Episode features will provide you unlimited passes, and you know what it means.

Unlimited Followers

If you’re thinking that you will get unlimited followers instant after installing the Episode, then let me tell you that it’s not possible; the number of followers shown on the profile is just a number that has nothing to do with real users. So wherever you read about Episode unlimited followers , then they are just talking about the numbers.

By the way, This hacked version of Episode Choose Your Story will help you to increase the reach of your stories so that more users will play/read your stories, and if it is interesting, then you know what will happen.

Customize Avatar

design your character

Character customization isn’t a mod feature but applying premium outfits, and other kinds of stuff is; if you want them for free. You can do customization as per your choice; mostly, people create the avatar that they want to be, which they aren’t in the real world. It doesn’t matter if you have an Episode; you can use it according to you as you have everything from unlimited gems and passes to already-made characters.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! We came to the end of this article and left it to you to tell us whether you like the information and the Episode provided here by commenting. Episode Choose Your Story is an interactive story game that was developed by a Pocket game which we already told you about, but there are more developers who developed this type of game; you can also try them, such as Choices: Stories You Play, which are interesting too.

So, Download Episode Choose Your Story and get access to Episode hack features that can’t be found on the official version. By the way, Don’t forget to share it!

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