Download GTA Vice City APK v1.13 For Android With Cheat Codes

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is now available for android devices as well so that players can taste the gameplay of GTA on their mobile device.

GTA Vice City was one of the most played open-world games of its time. People go to cybercafes and play this Game by paying money. If you want an honest review of this game, then you can ask any 90s member of your house who likes games.

At that time, this Game was one of the most popular games in the world, which millions of children used to play without getting tired. But don’t you understand that its popularity has reduced today, people still play this game with the same zeal as they used to play at that time.


After this, many games have come into the market, which is very popular. But no one was at GTA’s level and could not reduce its popularity. If you are a GTA Lover, then I didn’t need to tell you about its reputation. Even today, people play this game. Moreover, they want to play on their Android device as well; that is why I am writing this post.

Now You are Looking For a Download Link Of GTA Vice City APK Don’t worry! We, will, provide you, download link. But before that, let’s know little bit more about the game and its features which you hardly knew before. So let’s know.

GTA Vice City: Gameplay Overview

It is one of the Most Popular Action-Adventure games developed by Rockstar North in the Year 2002. In the Game, Vice City is a fictional city that is purely based in Miami City, Florida. Do you know where the name of the city came from? If not Let Me Tell You, the city was named after ‘Vice Narcotics’ and the movie ‘Miami Vice.’

In GTA Vice City APK, There are 66 different story missions and 21 side missions, and when you start completing missions one by one, the map will unlock a little bit. Also, did you know what is the full form of GTA Vice City? Some of you will know, and those who do not know, let me tell you, the Full Form is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Initially, the Game was Launched Only For PlayStation 2 Users In October 2002. After Seeing its Popularity, it was also Launched for Microsoft Windows Users In May 2003 that Gives Huge Success to Rockstar North. Also, In October 2003, GTA Vice City was Launched for Xbox Users.

In a few months, this Game started ruling the hearts of the people and also attracted other users so that the users of this Game continued to grow. And seeing all this, the developers launched GTA Vice City APK in December 2012. I mean, it’s Android Version for their Android Users. This game is available for almost all platforms, so you can enjoy this game, whether you are Android, Windows, Mac, etc. User.

While Android Users Can Download GTA Vice City From Google Playstore, which is about 1.5GB in Size. But, You’ve to Pay around INR 121 to Download this Game from Playstore. It means that Android users will have to pay if they want to download from PlayStore. And if you want to download it for free, then this post is only for You. In this article, We will Provide You the Download Link of GTA Vice City APK, so continue reading. By the way, We had also shared GTA V APK.

Download GTA Vice City APK + OBB 2024

Thousands of people search on the Internet every day to find out How to download GTA Vice City + OBB? But they do not get anything other than just advertisements. They may have found the download link, and they have also downloaded the Game. But after downloading, it shows that the game is corrupted, and we wasted 1.5GB of data.

A few days ago, we too had agreed to play this game, so we searched and downloaded the game from the net, but none of the files worked And in this, we wasted almost 3.5 GB of data. Then we thought that You Also wanted to Play this Game for this; you Searched on the Internet and got disappointed because there is no Working file there; that’s Why I’m Writing this Article where we Provide a well-working File For GTA Vice City APK.

A question may be coming to your mind: why should we download something else while we can from PlayStore? I already told you that you would have to spend the money 121 if you download from PlayStore. If you can afford it, download it from PlayStore, and if not, then you can do it for free from YouTech. You May also Like Gangster Vegas, Which is almost similar to Vice City.

GTA Vice City
NameGrand Theft Auto: Vice City
Android7.0 & Up
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Map Unlocked
DeveloperRockstar Games
Last UpdatedMarch 08,2024

Features Of GTA Vice City APK

Most of the players didn’t know about its Features because they forgot everything while playing GTA Vice City APK. So, Before Playing, You Need to Know About its Feature. Then You Will be able to use those features While You are Playing. So, Let’s Know.



Everyone Wants to Play Video Games in their Native Language that’s Why GTA Vice City Developers make it available in 8 different languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Russian. Also, They are Trying to Make it Available in More Languages so that users can Play in their Native. If You’re not familiar with the Languages mentioned above, then You Can Play GTA Vice City in the English language and can Enjoy the Game.


For Every Game Graphics Play a Major Role for its Success as well as Failure. It is the Part That attracts Users to Play and also recommends others by telling them about its Graphics. I Know Whenever You Play an Extraordinary Video game, You will Tell Your Friends about the Game, and after Knowing Your Friends also Wants to Play, that’s Why Graphics is Important. GTA Vice City Developers do their best to give realistic graphics so that users will feel the Game.

Easy To Control

Easy To Control

The controller also plays an Important Role; if it is difficult to control the Game, then literally no one wants to play more than once. As We all know that the Game GTA Vice City is a Game That is Played through Keyword because We Need to Run Cheats, Drive, Walk, Fight, and do More things We Need to do, then How Can We Control through Mobile phone? If You’re thinking about this, then You didn’t need to Worry as Developers made their Android Version Compatible With Smartphones. So, You can play it with your mobile phone more comfortably than others.

Unlimited & Unlocked Everything

As I told you we will also provide you with GTA Vice City APK, which is a modified version of the official one in which you’ve unlimited money to spend. Also, there are several features available in this mod apk, which you will not find in the official one like the map being completely unlocked, rear weapons, and much more.

How To Install GTA Vice City APK On Android?

The installation process is a little bit different from other games as you’ve two files, APK and OBB. You can Easily Install the Game, but if you don’t Know Where to put its Data? Then the game will not run. So, You’ve to Follow the Steps Mentioned Below to Install GTA Vice City without getting any Error.

Step 1: Uninstall the Original Version of Vice City if You want to use its Mod Version.

Step 2: Download GTA Vice City APK From the Link Given in the Download Section. To Download You’ve to Click on the Download Button, and You’ll be redirected to Download Page, where You have to Download both APK and OBB File.

Step 3: Now Enable Unknown Source by visiting Settings, then Security and Enable Unknown Source present under device administration.

Unknown Sources

Step 4: Locate the Folder Where Your Downloaded File is Present and then Click on the APK File.

Step 5: Then Click On Install Button and Wait! Until You See Success Message. After Installation, Click On Done.

Step 6: Now, Again Locate the Folder Where Your Downloaded File is Present and then Extract OBB File through any RAR Extractor.

Step 7: After Extracting, Copy the Extracted File and Paste it to the Folder /sdcard/Android/obb/ then You Will See a Folder called com.rockstargames.gtavc if You See it means You have successfully installed the Game GTA Vice city on Your Android Device.

Step 8: Open the Game and Start Playing.

Wrapping Up

It is one of the best and most popular action-adventure games of the 90s and is still popular among gamers. In this article, we try to provide every possible information regarding the topic with a download link to the game. If you face any problems or the link isn’t working comment below. We, will, update you as soon as possible, and if you like, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and on social media.

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