Ludo King V8.4.0.287 (No Ads, Unlimited Tokens, Customize Board)

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Ludo King: Classic board game brought to life on mobile. Multiplayer fun, nostalgic gameplay, and endless entertainment await players.

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NameLudo King
Size43 MB
Android4.4 & Up
DeveloperGametion Technologies
Last UpdatedMarch 8, 2024

From the Author: We understand that you came for Ludo King, but it’s important to understand the risks involved. MOD APKs can contain malware that steals your personal information, harm your device, and get your account banned. So, We recommend you to stick with the Official one for safe and fair play. But there are exciting ways to enhance your Ludo King experience without resorting to mods. Let’s have a look what the board has to offer?

Do you remember those days when all the family members sit together and play different games? All gossip and fun means a lot. Now, everything has been or in the process of being digital. You used to play outdoor games like ludo, cricket, tennis ball, etc. But, now, these games like Ludo King APK are available on your smartphone.

Ludo King a very famous board game that is being played since decades; in Mughal emperor. It is one of the most popular board games in Asia or even in the world. We think everybody has played it, and we remember that when cousins ​​arrived at our house at any event, it was the best indoor game a board game played.

ludo king

We gossiped and played at the same time. We bet, and the loser had to get some kind of treatment. But with advancement, we all get stuck in our busy routines. Our 9 to 5 jobs and days of weariness do not allow us to go anywhere. The distances are very long, and the meetings are concise. If you are the one who really misses these indoor board Ludo games, then the article is a must-read; this is a big surprise for you.

Ludo King™: Game Overview

Well after all the details we wrote, here is a big surprise for you. In the era of technology and smartphone addiction, you will enjoy this old and traditional board game on your smartphone. Ludo King is the updated, and modified version of Ludo King Originals Game version as the name itself suggests; Mod is abbreviated to the word Modded, which means Modified, and APK is an abbreviation for Android Application Package.

All the main features and additional features of Ludo King, which were paid in the original game, are available for free here. Yes! Everything is going very well in this version. Also, Android game developers are now focused on bringing some famous traditional games to soft forms. Due to its popularity, its Android soft version has won the hearts of players accustomed to the game. Within a short period of time, this game is rated top, and it is very rare for any online game to be rated as such.

ludo king features

Ludo King game developers have worked hard to make this game and added the Ludo board game’s original taste. You can play it online with your family and friends; even you don’t meet in person. I know that you are enjoying hard reading it because it has caught your attention and it is sure that you love the game.

Going forward somehow is not only the excitement of the Ludo board game but also something extra. Know what that is? Of course, the extras matter a lot, and in the Ludo King Apk, you will have gems that will be yours if you win the game.

Features Of Ludo King

As we mentioned earlier, it is similar to the original version of Ludo King but is different due to some additional features. You cannot enjoy it in the original version. These features are listed below:

Unlimited Coins

unlimited coins

In the free version, you will get some coins, and you have to complete daily tasks to get more. However, you can buy it from the in-app store, but you will have to spend money on this. But, unlimited coins are waiting for you in its mod version. So, you didn’t need to complete tasks for earning coins. All you have to do is start the game with the fear of losing coins. The chances of victory are very high.


unlimited six

You can hit sixes whenever you want and turn your dice. This means that the more sixes, the faster you can enter your house and more efficiently, the more efficiently you will reach the farthest goal. And, of course, you must get rid of the following predators.

Ads Free

Ads Free

Best of all, I think it is ad-free for me. Yes, You will not get irritated with non-essential advertisements to get some gold coins. But in the original version, there are advertisements. You have to watch online videos that are barely 3 to 10 seconds when you are facing a shortage of coins.

Auto Pilot Mode

auto pilot mode

Do you have an emergency task and start the game. By the way, you don’t have to leave the game. Just keep your device connected to the internet server and turn on autopilot mode.

Even if you are not active, the game will be continued in automatic mode. But this mode is somehow a bit risky because the system randomly transfers your tokens, and you can also lose the game on the spot. This feature is also known as ludo king remote control apk.

God Mode

It is a little cheat in the game. This game will ensure your victory when you turn on God Mode. This is a trick by which you can win the game and make your opponents worry about it actually happening.

FAQs Regarding Ludo King

What premium features do we get on Ludo King if we spend?

In the free version, you only get some limited features, and you have to pay to get more. But, with paid version comes with all the premium features from premium support to ads-free, for which you usually have to spend your hard-earned money.

Is it safe to use Mod Version Of Ludo King?

No, it is not 100% safe to use on your Android device because the mods may contain malware as it depends on the source but we published on this site first check for viruses and malware from different premium antivirus, and if it passes the test, we will upload it to YouTech. Therefore, without thinking about its safety, you can download and play Ludo King.

How Do I Get Unlimited Money and Diamonds in Ludo King?

To get ludo king unlimited money and diamonds in the game, you do not need to do anything extra just download the latest version of Ludo King given in this article and spend your hard earn money as these are server side data.

How Do I Get 6 all the time in Ludo King?

The modified version comes with the option of controlling the dice to get defined numbers while playing with others. So, if you want to take 6 all the time, then define it on the option. However, you can also define a number for each throw. For example, define like this: the first throw will result in 6, the second will also occur, and in the third throw, you can define 5.

Wrapping Up

Ludo King is an online game that gives you a platform to play with your friends, family, and even strangers. You can play around the world. How is the feeling when playing with international players while you are at home? As every detail is mentioned in this article, we hope you have enjoyed it. Now enjoy the Ludo King game on your respective device. This will definitely bring the old memories.

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