Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK + OBB 2021 – Unlimited UC, Aimbot, Speedhack, Teleport For Android

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Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK: It is the modified version of the official one in which you get unlimited uc, skins unlocked, esp hack, etc.

When it comes to the best multiplayer video game, then everyone’s attention goes to PlayerUnknown Battleground, In Short PUBG. Therefore, it covers millions of users, and its users are increasing day by day as well as hacking Incidents are also growing. But, Did You Know How Cheaters Use Cheats on PUBG? And What are the PlayerUnknown Battleground MODs Available?

If You Want the answer to these, then You are Absolutely on the Right Place. Here, We Discuss Each MOD of PUBG Such as PlayerUnknown Battleground Wallhack, Aimbot, Speedhack and Much More Cheats Available On PUBG Mobile MOD APK.

PUBG Hacks

But, Do you want to use hacks in Pubg? We’ll Not Recommend You to Use Cheats on PlayerUnknown Battleground, but it’s Your Choice Whether You wish to Use or Not because Using Hacking in Game Ruins the Experience and Enjoyment of the Game. Still, If you’re going to it, then you can, but before that, you should know About the Hacks of PlayerUnknown Battleground. Let’s start digging the topic.

What is PUBG Mobile MOD APK?

Lot’s Of PUBG MOD Available on the Internet but most of them are Not Working and also Some of them Contain Virus and Can Harm Your Device. However, In Mod version you will get some interesting Hacks such as Aimbot, Wallhack, Speedhack, High Jump, Teleport, Unlimited Ammo, etc.

Now In Your Mind a Question Arises that How Does this PUBG Mod Works? All game is made up of codes and mod developers Interpret With Original data of the Game and Modify them to Work Cheats. But, Interpreting With Original Data of Game is not Legal. If their System detects that Your are not using Original Game data, then Your Account Will be banned, and You Lost Your Personal Account.

So, Whenever You Want to Use Cheats on PlayerUnknown Battleground’s Make Sure that You are Login With Guest Account or Using Fake Account.  Let’s Know Some PUBG Hacks in Deep:

Features Of PUBG Mobile MOD APK


Before We Talk About Aimbot Hack Did You Know What does it means? The Word Aimbot Made up of two Individual Words that is Aim and Bot. Aim means to Target the Location or destination and Bot is a Human-Robot Made up of Codes that Execute the Codes Written in the Script.

In Pubg Aimbot helps the Player to Lock the target on Enemy in the Direction of Crosshair. This PUBG Cheat is the Most Securable Hacks of PlayerUnknown Battleground because it is Not Detectable by their Anti-Cheat Programs and You Will Never Caught Until other Player Will Report.

PUBG Mobile Aimbot Hack

So, Whenever You Kill an Enemy behave like a Noob Don’t Use Hacks on that Time. So, Player Will Never Understand that Your Using Cheats on the Game that’s My Point of View Sometimes it Will be Wrong. By the Way, Using Battleground Aimbot has lots of Advantage Such as You Will Get More Number of Kills, Increase Your KD, Get Points, Level Up Much Faster as Compare to other and Much More.

Tutorial How to Use Aimbot: Whenever You See an Enemy Move Your Crosshair in the Direction of Enemy and Tap the Fire Button, Your Every Bullet hit the Target Until the Enemy Will is Killed.


This is one of the Best and Awesome Hacks of the Game Pubg as this allow the Players to See items present behind the wall such as Loots, Enemies, Cars, etc. Menas that You Will be able to See Whatever Present behind the Wall.

This PUBG Hack also allows the Player to Shoot the Enemy Present Behind the Wall. It means that this cheats will enable us to Fire across the wall. But, it is one of the insecure cheats of PlayerUnknown Battleground because other Player Easily Detects that You are using Cheat in the Game and if they Report Your Account to Pubg then Your Account Will be Banned 100%.

Battleground Wallhack

Day-By-day Tencent developers add some security features to the game to prevent malicious activity. However, still, Hackers use Hacks in the Game without the Fear of Ban because they Know the Advantages of Using Cheats in the Game. They Survive Longer in the Game, Getting More Number of Kills, Easily Gets Awesome Guns and also Collects Loots More Faster as Compared to their Player in the Game.

Teleport Hack

Another Best but not Popular Hacks of PUBG because Most of them not aware of this hack. First of All, You Need to Know What is Teleport? It means to disappear from a Location and then Reappear in a different Location. How does it help the Player in the Game?

Through the Use of the PUBG Hacks, You Can Random Change Your Location Whenever You Need. Suppose You are Fully Covered With Eneemy then in this Time PUBG Teleport Hack helps to Hide Instantly from the Current Location and reappear in a Different Location.

But, this Cheat as Limitation that You can’t Teleport Where You Want, You Will Just Randomly Teleport in Random Place. Sometimes, You Will Teleport Outside the Bluezone that’s Crazy. So, It’s Your Choice Wheather You want to use Pubg Teleport Hack or Not.

Above are Some Few Best and Most Popular Collections of PUBG Hacks We Discussed in this Post. While there are also Some Popular PUBG Hacks are Available Such as No Recoil, PUBG Color Hack, Unlimited UC and BP Coins Hack that are Not Discussed in this Post. But, We already Covered these topics in Our Previous Post How to Hack PUBG Mobile? You Can Visit and Know Step-By-Step. Moreover, If you’re from india then Download BGMI MOD APK.

Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK

Version 1.7.0
Requires Android4.3 and up
UpdatedNov 25, 2021

Before downloading the above files, read the last update date. If the updated date is not recent, then these files may or may not work. So you can only download the above files if you do not have a shortage of data and if the Last Update date is of recent then Download the Above Files Without the Fear of Not Working. Now, You think that What Would We Get On PUBG Mobile MOD APK?

What’s New In PUBG MOD APK

We already Discussed Many Features of PUBG Mobile Hack done with Script, but this is through MOD APK, and it also has Some Unique Features that are not Present in Original APK of the Game.

But, It is also Not Secure and doesn’t Confirm that through the use of PUBG Mobile MOD APK Your Account Will not Ban. So, You decide that You Want to Use PlayerUnknown Battleground’s MOD APK with Knowing that my account can be banned. Some of its features are Listed Below:

  • No Recoil
  • Unlimited UC
  • No Time Limit
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlocked Items
MOD Menu

How to Install PUBG Mobile MOD APK?

It is necessary to know how to install PUBG Mobile MOD APK? Since you didn’t need to do anything while installing the original APK, go to the Play Store and click on the download button but the installation of MOD APK is different from the original APK. If You Know How to Install then OK, but You didn’t Know then Follow the Below Steps to Install MOD Successfully:

  1. First of all, You Need to Download Both the Files that are APK and File.
  2. After the Successful of Download, Click on PlayerUnknown APK and Your Installation Will Start.
  3. When Your Installation is Done Click On Open and Button then After Few Seconds Close the Game.
  4. Then Go to File Manager>>Android Folder>>OBB and Paste the File You Download From the Above Link that is approx 2GB.
  5. Now, Open the Game and Enjoy the Advantage of Modified Game.

Wrapping Up

I hope this Article Will help You to Achieve What You Want? In the Topic of PlayerUnknown Battleground Hacks. But Still, We Didn’t Recommend You to Use Cheats/Hacks in the Game because it ruins the Enjoyment.

So, If You want to Use then Take Your Responsibility. And You’ve any Question Related to this Topic, then you can Comment Us Below in the Comment. Thank You For Giving Your Valuable time to the Blog YouTech.

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