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Are you looking for Free Fire Advance Server? If yes, then you're at the right place as we're going to tell you everything from registration to logging in.

free fire advance server

Free Fire Advance Server is a beta version of the free fire that lets you experience premium gameplay that is quite identical to the original game. So, We’re here to discuss the Advanced Server of the Free Fire, which is nothing but a test server having some new features that tend to come in the upcoming updates.

However, This Advance Server is only for an experienced player or, if we say in your language, then for a pro player to test the changes that the developers have made before releasing the updates publicly; this helps them to know about the bugs or about the issue that occurred after updating the game. But, Why are players crazy to play on Free Fire Advanced Server? The reason is to get the feeling of superiority by playing upcoming updates before others and getting rewards.

Does the above paragraph make you curious to know more about the FF Advance Server? If yes, then continue reading; you will know how you can play this server? And from where you will get the activation code.

What is Free Fire Advanced Server?

Well, You searched for FF Advance Server, which means you’re a Free Fire fan that makes you play this advanced server. But really, what is it? Basically, It is a testing server for the developers, but an opportunity for players to know and get the experience of the upcoming feature updates.

However, Not all know about this server, and those who know, get the chance to play as only those who get the activation code will be able to play in this Advance Server. Also, Those who play on this server receive rewards as diamonds for reporting bugs and issues that they find while playing. That’s one of the most popular reasons why players are found to play on the server.

If you’re from India then you must have to download Free Fire Max not the Free Fire as it is banned in India.

Upcoming Server Details

Expected Date03rd Feb
Activation Code4EB6RH23595FIYYQ✔ (OB36)
Current VersionOB37
Activation CodeClick Here
Life SpanOne Week (approx.)
Rewards?Yes (Diamonds😁)
Earn byReporting bugs & issues

How Advanced Server is different from a Normal one?

Different! Different! Different! Too much Different! Free Fire Advance Server is mostly available only before releasing an update for a few weeks, while traditional Free Fire is always available. Also, It has unique features but fills with bugs and glitches that you have to find and report to Garena to receive rewards.

get free diamonds

However, there isn’t such a scheme on Free Fire, but it has almost no bugs, which means you will get a clear-cut experience. Also, You will not get diamonds as a reward as you will not find any bugs easily. So, there is a benefit to playing Free Fire Advance Server.

Why should we play on FF Advanced Server?

Didn’t you get the answer yet? Maybe you want more reasons. Okay! Let’s know.

  • Unique gameplay: Yes, You will definitely get the unique gameplay as a new mode, and features are available to test that aren’t available on a regular server.
  • Updates: You’ll be able to know about the next updates and features that will come with the upcoming date, and then you can tell about this to your friends, and they will be like, WOW! How did you know about future features?

How To Do Free Fire Advanced Server Registration?

Already said that only a few numbers of players will be able to play, but how do players get the opportunity to play? Players have to register on the official Garena website.

Below, We have given steps to register for the Free Fire Advance Server as registration continues for a few days, and those who register will receive an activation code. So, Let’s know how to do FF Advance Server registration?

Step 1: Your first move is to go on the official website of Garena in order to start the registration process. i.e.

Step 2: After opening the above link, you will get a few options to log in; you have to select any login option to download Free Fire Advanced Server APK.


Step 3: Now, You’ll be asked to enter your profile details such as name, email, etc. Enter your active email as you’ll receive an activation key on your mail (if your application shows pending), then you’ll be able to download FF Advance Server.

free fire advance server form

Step 4: After filling in all the details, you have to click on the “Join Now” button to pre-register for the Free Fire Advance Server successfully.

From Where To Get FF Activation Code & How To Login?

We already know that without an activation code, you will not be able to get access to the advanced server, and the process is already given above to the activation key.

After doing all the steps given above for registration, you will receive an activation code (sometime you will get it at the time of registration) that is used for logging in so that you can download the Advance Server APK. Let’s know how you can download it?

Step 1: After registering, you will get the activation code simultaneously, but sometimes you’ll not get it. In this case, you will get on your mail after receiving follow next steps.


Step 2: Now, you will revisit the Garena site and log in again with the same login option you used before for registration.

Step 3: After that, you have to download the advanced server APK.

Step 4: Now, you have to install the APK and then open it; you will be asked for the activation code to login into the server. So, Enter the key and start playing on the server.

enter activation code for ff advance server

Activation Key

  • 4EB6RH23595FIYYQ✔
  • 01C5BU16HWO8Z1OD
  • 2W7E3H47J07TPYIP

Above given activation key are given immediately after the registrations so if you try them after weeks then they will not work. We had given only for illustration purpose.

Download Free Fire Advance Server APK (OB37)

free fire advance server apk download
Server opened1st Sept
Server Close8th Sept
Rewards1st: 3000 Diamonds
2nd: 2000 Diamonds
3rd: 1000 Diamonds
EarnBy reporting bugs

Note: It asks for code, then tries the above one, and if it doesn’t work, then don’t worry; wait for the upcoming server.


When does Free Fire Advance Server registration open?

Mostly every 2-3 months, Free Fire Advance Server registration starts, and to know the exact date so that you can register then; you have to keep visiting this article. However, We’ll send you the notification to make sure you have connected with us through Telegram.

Will every registered user get access to the server?

The straightforward answer is No, as there are only limited numbers of code generated by the Garena Team; that’s the reason why not registered users get access. However, If you get an activation code from somewhere else, then you can join even if you don’t register. So, Don’t worry! We’ll provide the activation key as soon as we receive it.

Is Free Fire Advance Server free?

Yes, They don’t charge a single penny, but the condition is that you need an activation key to enter on the advance server; after that, you will be able to play.


That’s it! This is all about Free Fire Advance Server, from registration to connecting to the server. We tried to cover every aspect of the topic so that you will get enough information about this Advance server. So, If you have any question that is related to FF Advance Server, then we’re always here to answer your question as soon as we can.

Did you ever get access to the Free Fire Advance Server? Let me know by making comments.

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