Free Fire Headshot APK/Script/Sensitivity & Auto Headshot Settings

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Are you looking for Free Fire Auto Headshot Strategies? If yes, then we came to the right place as we had mentioned many ways like through Script, Sensitivity, etc. to do a headshot.

free fire headshot

Free Fire & its Max Variants have been gaining popularity immensely, and players are fond of becoming pros, but in short, that’s not possible. However, many are consistently investing their time and mastering the skills that help them in the long run. Also, There are players who just want to make their account look like a pro player, including stats, and for this, they are consistently looking for some Free Fire tips & tricks. Today, You come to this article to know how you can do Free Fire Auto Headshot.

Why are gamers fond of hitting headshots? The reason is that the higher the number of headshots appearing in the profile, the more people will consider him a pro player. But, Hitting a headshot in the game Free Fire & its Max Variant isn’t like a cup of tea as the other player frequently moves, and you have to keep the target on his head even on moving, then you can do a headshot. Isn’t it challenging? That’s why players were looking for Free Fire Auto Headshot. So, Let’s know the methods that can help you do headshots very quickly.

What is Free Fire Headshot APK?

Have you ever heard about aimbot? If yes, then you definitely know what auto headshot is? And if not, then let me tell you that this help us to lock the target on the head and if you shoot, the bullet will hit directly to the head no matter where you fire; the only condition is that the enemy is on the range of headshot. OK! Now we know about Auto Headshot, but what is Free Fire Headshot Apk?

It is a modified application which we basically call MOD APK, and it comes with an already in-built feature. The features available to this MOD APK is Auto headshot, so when you play Free Fire & its Max Variant, you can easily hit headshot as you just have to fire when the enemy is in the range. This is how the application Headshot APK works.

However, this is a temporary solution as the Free Fire Headshot MOD APK works for a limited time, and you have to download the latest version repeatedly. So, We recommend rather than going to Hack APK, master your hitting skill and by yourself do a headshot without any Auto Headshot.

Download Free Fire Headshot Hack APK (Auto Headshot)

ff headshot hack
App NameFF Headshot APK
Android6.0 & Up
DeveloperGarena International I

What is Free Fire Auto Headshot Script?

FF Auto Headshot Script is another method to do an headshot hack, which we described above, but here, you have to activate the feature manually, and the above one already comes with activated; you just have to install and enjoy it. Also, In this method, you don’t have to uninstall the Free Fire; you have to download the FF Headshot Config file given below and then follow a few steps to activate the script.

Players generally go with the above method as they think that config files are for techy people, but that’s not true; you just need a simple and easy-to-understand tutorial to do Free Fire Auto Headshot using a script or config file. So, Let’s know about the steps.

How To Use Headshot Config File In Free Fire & Max?

If this is your first time using FF Hack Script, then you still don’t need to worry, as we had mentioned in the tutorial in a straightforward way. So, Follow the same as mentioned.

Step 1: Download the FF Headshot Config File provided above, which is in .zip format; the zip file contains config for both Free Fire & its Max Variant.

Step 2: Extract the config file using any zip extractor application (ZArchiver); you will see two folders named FF & FF Max. So, If you want to use it on Free Fire, then open FF Folder; otherwise FF Max Folder.

extract ff headshot hack config

Step 3: Copy the folder named com.dts.freefireth/com.dts.freefiremax, then go to Android/data and paste the copied folder and do replace.

Step 4: You’re done; close everything you open, then start the game; you will get the feature.

This is how you can do Free Fire Auto Headshot using a script or config file. However, You only get features for which you injected the config file; for another feature, you have to inject that hack config file.

How To do Free Fire Auto Headshot using Sensitivity settings?

Doing sensitivity setting isn’t a hack, as you just customize the sensitivity according to the condition that is best for a headshot. However, It’s not guaranteed that you will be able to do Free Fire Headshot as you still need skills in this method, so if you’re good at shooting, then you will definitely be able to do Headshot.


So, Make your Free Fire & its Max Variant sensitivity settings the same as mentioned below to get FF Headshot feature.

Red Dot85
2X Scope23
4X Scope20
AWM Scope10

By the way, The provided one is not the ideal sensitivity as you have to make the settings perfect by doing customization based on the device you use.


How To Do Free Fire Auto Headshot?

Still, You need an answer to this question as we had already mentioned a few ways through which you can do this, so do as mentioned above. You can try any one of them to get the experience of how the free fire auto headshot works.

Is Free Fire Mod has a headshot feature?

Yes, But not all Free Fire Max MOD has the auto headshot feature, so it depends on the MOD APK does it has or not. However, We had given the above Free Fire Headshot Hack APK, which is nothing but a modified version that has the feature that you’re looking for.

Is Free Fire Auto Headshot Config Work?

Yes, It works without any issue but has to put the config file in the right place; otherwise, you can’t get the feature, and then you think that it doesn’t work. So, To do Free Fire & it Max Variant Headshot using the config file, then follow the steps given above.

Wrapping Up

Well! We discussed everything about the topic and also shared a few methods to do FF Headshot as we know, hitting a headshot in the game isn’t easy; that’s the reason why players are looking for ways. So, If you want to get more kills, then you should definitely have to know how to do a headshot.

By the way, If you get any errors while trying the above methods, don’t hesitate to ask us by commenting as we always respond as soon as possible. Also, If you could do FF Headshot, share it with your squad and enjoy it together.

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