How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft: Step-By-Step Tutorial With Video

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For Beginners, it's not easy to make a water elevator in Minecraft without a proper step-by-step tutorial. As You should need to know about materials, how to use them then you'll be able to build.

Hi, what’s up, guys? YouTech is here and today, I’m going to be showing you how to make a water elevator in Minecraft. So first of all, you’re going to be needing some items. So basically, the thing is, I’m going to be making the elevator above ground so you guys can see it better.

How To make a water elevator in minecraft

But in theory, you would use this to access your mind like underground, because it’s very fast, faster than stairs, or ladders. So basically, I’m going to do in creative just much easier. But if you’re doing a Zurab, you’re gonna need some quick access to get to your mind to be able to mine out the hole.

Things You Need

things need to make water elevator
  • Glass Blocks
  • Spruce Doors
  • Water Buckets
  • Oak Sign
  • Kelp
  • Soul Sand (for going up)
  • Magma Blocks (for going down)

Above are the items you will need to build a functioning up and down water elevator.

How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Simply start by finding where you want this elevator to be. one’s gonna be anywhere then surround the block in glass blocks beside one side. Now bring these blocks all the way up just like this as shown in the image until you find your height. All right, this elevator is tall enough for me.

Surround Block in Glass Blocks

Step 2: Now go back down to the bottom to your open side, you’re going to go inside this little tube remade, put down a door on the open block. So the door should be touching the glass like so.

Put Down a Door on the open Block

Step 3: Now what you’re going to do is to build upon this door, the rest in the glass. So just like this as shown in the image all the way back up to the top so it all connects together like so. So you’ll see it’s a giant tube with a door.

Step 3 To Build Water Elevator

Step 4: Now go back up to your top, put down a water source on this top block going all the way down.

Fill the Block With Water Source

Step 5: Now take out your kelp, you are going to line this entire thing with kelp. This is because it turns all the water blocks in there into source blocks. This means when you go back down there and when you break the kelp just put down a piece of soul sand, then it turns into an upward elevator.

Step 6: Now that is how you make the upward elevator. But the downward elevator is the same thing minus the block on the ground and put a magma block. And you’ll see when you use a magma block, you get sucked straight down like so. So I’d recommend you just make two columns. But you also could just replace the block but that’s lazy. Let’s make two so go right next to this one, a space of one put down a glass block.

Replace Soul Sand With Magma Block

Step 7: Now do the same tube method with these three sides and the other door right there do the exact same thing. But again, a magma block on the bottom not a piece of soul sand. And boom that is a functioning two-way elevator.

Step 7 Build Downward Elevator

Step 8: Now for a personal touch. I like some pressure plates down there as you can walk right into these and I like some science here as well. So I can do it up on one side and I can do it down on the other side.

Add Name Plates

That is how you make a functioning two-way water elevator in Minecraft 1.16. If you’re an Android user and want to play this game then you should need to download Minecraft PE Hack APK.

How To Make A Water Elevator: Video Tutorial


Here, In this article, we had learned about how to make a water elevator in Minecraft. Water Elevator makes upward and downward movement very easy, one can go up as much as they build the elevator. This makes the vertical transportation of material very easy and also saves time. Moreover, there are different elevators that can be built to make travel in Minecraft easy like Redstone, bubble, piston, etc. But water elevator is much easier to make and also doesn’t require too much materials and knowledge.

I hope Now you’ll be able to make water elevator in minecraft and if you have any question then you can ask us in comment section. We’ll be happy to help you.

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