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Want to overcome from your stress and anger? If yes then you should need to try Kick The Buddy to save your expensive things.

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Updated to version 2.5.1!

NameKick The Buddy
Size94 MB
Android5.0 & Up
Last UpdatedMay 7, 2024

From the Author: We understand that you came for Kick The Buddy MOD APK, but it’s important to understand the risks involved. MOD APKs can contain malware that steals your personal information, harm your device, and get your account banned. So, We recommend you to stick with the Official one for safe and fair play. But there are exciting ways to enhance your Kick The Buddy experience without resorting to mods. Let’s have a look what the android has to offer?

By Playing this game, you will not get bored. Also, You and your friends can join to make a scary coincidence. Every element in the game makes some sense, and the player has the freedom to do anything, which reduces stress.

For users who are angry with someone, then this game is the solution to this problem. However, you can use all the arsenals in the game until all your enemies are killed one by one. Kick the Buddy will ensure this until you become more relaxed.

In today’s times, almost everyone has a tension of something, due to which people get angered very quickly among which some of them get control on their anger but not everyone, and those who are unable to get control over their anger they start banging every single thing they see around them in the ground, no matter how expensive those things are because our brain does not work in anger; that’s why we bring an android application that lets you save your precious things from your anger and the game is Kick The Buddy.

kick the buddy

The game allows you to get relief from all your stress and anxiety without breaking anything in the real world. However, you can Kick the buddy as you want, you can use rifles, nuclear weapons, animals, knives, dinosaurs, torture devices, and much more to attack the buddy. Don’t Worry! Ragdoll doesn’t mind and also can Withstand your torture with a smiling face. If you want a stress-free life then you must need to try this game once.

In this article, We discuss about its MOD Version and will share the latest and working version of Kick The Buddy APK so that you can get more features compared to the default one.

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Kick The Buddy: Gameplay

It is one of the most interesting games through which one can get relief from their stress and anger by kicking the rag doll through several levels. Each level of the game consists of a series of obstacles and challenges that are all created by the Bully character and we must have to break that trap with a series of attacks and defenses so that we can attack the ragdoll.


However, as you level up in the game, the health, speed, and strength of the bully’s character will also increase with the level and it will be able to withstand more of your anger. Moreover, it is a fun game that is sure to engage anyone, especially those who enjoy role-playing games. As, There is no such special story of the game, basically the game has been made for those who have stress in their lives and get very angry due to which they destroy their valuables. If you are one of them then this game is the perfect solution to get out of your stress.


Want to know how to play this game? It’s simple you just have to Kick The Buddy throughout the various levels of the game. Well, It sounds easy to complete but it only sounds. As most of the users complain that they were unable to complete levels as they go higher in the game. We hope you can do it. Well, This is all about the game, Kick The Buddy. Now, Let’s have a look at its features.

Features of Kick The Buddy

The game has impressive features, and it is not just a game that allows you to reduce stress. The concept of breaking down things is fantastic. The laws of physics apply correctly here. For example: If any member of the team throws a watermelon, it means that the player is using the skill of a good target.

ktb crazy combos
  • You have the option to customize the buddy as you like in the game. However, The cardboard background style is the default decoration for a character inside a box that cannot be customized. However, you can change into many other styles such as sewer, switch room, and padded cell … it’s like you move the character to a new place so that the worst things can happen to his body.
  • Apart from guns, there are lots of other options are available to torture the ragdoll. You can use swords, nano weapons, drills, and many other tools available to use for torturing the Buddy Or ragdoll.
  • In the mod version, you will not see any type of advertisement because in this version all ads have been removed. As we know it ruins the user’s enjoyment and this game relieves stress and if we see the advertisement it will increase our stress.
  • Also, the Kick the Buddy doesn’t require any rooted device which means you can play this even on a normal smartphone that runs on Android OS.
  • Money (Virtual Currency), Yes it plays an important role in the game as you can use it to buy all the items shown in the in-game store and also can unlock different weapons that are initially locked. But, to get the money you’ve to spend your real-world money, and not everyone wants to spend that’s why the cracked version comes with unlimited money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kick Buddy Free Forever?

It is freely available just like other games; Party Masters, Brewer, and Happy Racing. You can also enjoy the Kick the Buddy for free.

How do you get unlimited money and gold?

There are 2 currencies in the Kick the Buddy game, the first one is Gold, and the other is Bucks. Gold is the premium currency, and the only way to get gold is by using cash. You need to spend your real-world money to get more and more gold.

If you want to get the Bucks, then you can by winning the game. Moreover, you can also make purchases in the game to get more bucks. However, the Version comes with Unlimited Money So you didn’t need to think about this.

Who made Kick the Buddy Game?

Crustalli is the name of the developer who created the game on 10 July 2014. Crazylion Studios Limited developed the free version of this game. After that they made the free version named to Buddyman Kick.

Do the characters remain innocent?

With this Kick the Buddy latest version, the character remains flawless and funny throughout the game. The physical effects in the game make the game more realistic and spectacular.

What happens with the new update?

In every update, the game is getting new and new weapons, and it satisfies the curiosity of the players. Users will get more experiments in the game. All the characters, especially friends, make the game more exciting and eye-catching.

Wrapping Up

To overcome from stress generally what we do is to start playing games and this is the best option. In the same way, Kick The Buddy is one of those games, which helps in reducing stress. In the game, you can do maximum damage and play as you like. Also, In the virtual world, you can quickly relieve all body stress and anger. Again, by thinking about your friend, you have to use all those weapons wisely and target the enemies.

In this way, you can break, freeze, destroy, and shoot the ragdoll. Nobody can stop you, and it will help you reduce your anger. It is time to save expensive things and release anger in the online world. You have all the dangerous atomic bombs, grenades, and rifles. We hope you guys get the mod version and if you like the information provided here then share it with your angry friends so that they can release their anger.

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