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Mobdro APK lets you stream your favorite movies, shows etc. on your Android device for free. In addition, you can use it on PC and Smart TV.

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Smartphone has become an essential aspect of our daily life. It allows us to do many things, and media streaming is one of the things through which we can do many things. Many apps let you stream media, but none of them are quite like the Mobdro app, which is special, and it is famous for live media streaming.

Mobdro is an entertainment app. It is one of the hottest apps available in the market. This app provides online entertainment on your smartphone and tablet. The app is also available for PC and iOS using an Android emulator. Get Mobdro app to watch videos safely and efficiently. Continue reading this article because we will discuss how to download and install the application on different platforms. You will also get to know about the features of the app.

What is Mobdro?

As I mentioned earlier, this is an entertainment application for Android users. It provides a variety of videos and channels for your entertainment. With Mobdro APK, you can watch movies, shows, sports, news, cartoons, wildlife programs, and more. It will make you enjoy it for hours. Apart from this, you will get the latest update about anything.

The app is providing the world’s most important entertainment categories. You will have endless options to go to. The unbelievable thing is that even if the platform’s official stores are not allowed or banned, the Mobdro app still prevails.

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As you have seen, a lot of applications now include features like Mobdro. But is such a deal valuable with Mobdro? This app is the only one that no one in the App Store has access to support. To date, it has earned the most outstanding app that users choose. It defines the role of smart and user-friendly features to enjoy entertainment and encourage media entertainment.

Features Of Mobdro

We have gone through the intro of Mobdro APK and the work nature; now we have its highlights. To understand it simply and its reach for services in the appropriate manner, you’ll need to know about its offered features.

However, the lite version of this app is filled with many advantageous features. We have also reviewed, and the average remained positive. Apart from this, below, we’ll provide the list of features that the latest Mobdro app version offers to its users for free.



This app provides videos in the form of genres. The users have a list of categories and channels to enjoy the videos. You can enjoy any of the listed channels or look for them under the “other” section. There, you’ll find a dedicated article.


Feature to bookmark your favorite channels that you would like to approach the platform frequently. Recently, They included channels on the home page of the app for access without any hassle.


This feature offers to get notifications on the latest programs that you like the most. You’ll also be notified by this app of your subscribed channel and will update any information or content. It will provide a useful feature that reminds you not to miss the show you’ll want to watch on time.

Offline Videos

This feature will let save offline any of your favorite videos. The fantastic thing is you can watch it later anytime or anywhere. What if you Don’t have internet access?  Well, it doesn’t need it because you can view offline your saved videos. 

Player options

This app provides a setting option that has complex hardware options for its users. You will be able to disable hardware decoding options for quick encoding and decoding features.


In the Settings panel, there is the “History” option. It offers to clarify the search history based on the selection of the tool. Also, users can enable the device anytime to remember any search history.


This option comes with the selection of a language. There are about 12 languages ​​configured in the system. You can also sort “alphabetical” or “parental filter” to your liking.

Therefore, these options are available to access the Settings panel of the Mobdro App. Some other options are also included, such as Help, About, Recently Viewed Favorites, and more so that you can customize the settings in the menu as you wish.

What’s New

The app also provides frequent updates. By using this application, you will not miss any updates about videos or other services. When it provides any update, the user will receive a notification from its server so that you can update it to enjoy the latest content. As such, these are some of the main features that define the popularity of the Mobdro APK.

How To Install Mobdro APK On Android Devices?

Unfortunately, the Mobdro APK is not available on Google Playstore. But the bright side is, we have a solution for you. If you want to get Mobdro on your android device then download from this article and to install follow the mentioned below.

Like other apps, it also has certain requirements. So depending on the version requirement of the app, you can use the latest version. But now, it requires an Android version above 4.1.

  1. Before proceeding to the installation, you have to download the application from the link provided above or any other authentic source.
  2. To Download, Click on the button, and then you’ll be redirected to the download page. On that page, you will find details of the latest version of the app. You have to Click On the “Download” button to get the file on your Android device.
  3. When the file is saved on your device, you will need to configure your Android device for the manual installation of data.
  4. For installation, it needs to enable “Unknown Sources” on the Settings panel under the “Application Security” option. You will have an option available named “Unknown Source“, to its right, tick the box, and it will be activated.
  5. Then, go back to the location where your download file is present. Tap on it; This will start the installation process.
  6. Some permissions are required. You will need to “continue” after accepting all permissions and allow the installation to proceed.
  7. After a few moments, the application will complete its installation process.
  8. Open the app by clicking on its icon and enjoy it.

Mobdro Not Working Errors & Fix

There are times when Mobdro fails to function properly and shows an error. Some errors are more common than others. We discuss some more common errors here.

Parse Error

This is the most common type of error. It occurs at the time of installation. If the app’s version is not compatible with your Android OS, it will show a parse error. Or it can happen if the APK is broken. So make sure you get APK from our website.

No connection Error

Mobdro crawls the Internet to find streams. If it fails to do so, this error will appear. Servers using the application sometimes fail to get the proper data which will result in a connection error. Check your internet connection, and if possible, you should be connected to a better internet connection.

Offline Error

You may have seen this error while trying to access the stream. Mobdro allows you to watch live streams from various sources. But if the stream itself goes offline, you will not be able to watch the stream. This is not really an error, but more of a technical difficulty. On coming online, you can watch the stream once again.

Video Playback Error

This error is caused by an Internet connection or server error. This is a common error, and you can correct it with a simple method. Just go to Settings> Applications> Mobdro and clear the cache. This will resolve the error without any doubt.

Now, you know the common errors and how to solve them. If you encounter any other error, leave us a message. If you were unable to use it, try other apps that are almost similar to this one, such as Showbox, Bee TV, Oreo TV, HD Streamz APK, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

After walking through the details of Mobdro, we would like to draw your attention to the questions asked about Mobdro’s functioning issues. If you have this issue, you are lucky because we have come up with a solution. All are required to go through the normal FAQ as given below;

How to use Mobdro App officially?

The Mobdro APK is not available on the Google Play Store or any other platform available on the Internet. Users have to access it on the central/official website. There is a URL available where the app file is served directly. To officially access the Mobdro app, you must follow the steps described in this guide.

How to buy Mobdro Premium?

Similarly, the official app, its premium version, is also not available on the Internet. Therefore users will have to wait until the text is officially out of the market. When it is open, you will be able to access it as a “Go to Premium” tab under menu settings.

Why does an installation error occur?

If you are facing this problem, there are many reasons. For this reason, users will have to install the app manually. In this way, you have to configure their devices to support the same. You will need to activate “Unknown Sources” from the system’s settings. But to eliminate this issue, you should make sure; Your device is compatible with the updated version of the app.

Why are some channels not available?

There are some possible reasons; this may be due to the use of the older version for a much longer period of time. Other causes may be a serious issue where some resources may be temporarily out of service. You have to wait for them to recover. Usually, this problem can be solved by updating the app version.

What is a “Parse Error” message?

Okay, if you get a parse error message, you will need Android version 4.1 or above. This message only appeared when Mobdro updated its version, and your system is not compatible with it. All in all, there are fewer FAQs that users may have about the Mobdro APK. However, if you have any other issues, you can comment freely in the section below. Our service is always here to help you.

Wrapping Up

To describe Mobdro, we have tried our best to provide useful details. I hope you find this article helpful. Still, if you like it, then comment us or share it with your friends too. Thank you for visiting us. For more information or updates, keep following us.

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