Top 10 Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives To Stream Anime In 2024

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WatchCartoonOnline: Most Popular Cartoon and Anime Streaming Site Which Drive 40M Monthly Traffic but Goes Down so try it's alternatives.

The cartoon is not just a word. It’s an emotion that makes our childhood awesome. We love to watch cartoons at whatever age we are, and my favorite cartoon is Doraemon. Everyone has their favorite cartoon, and they love to watch it again and again. You can also stream your favorite anime cartoons on WatchCartoonOnline.

But, everyone is not free to sit in front of the tv and watch cartoons, and also they do have not too much time to watch cartoons on tv. But don’t worry, you can WatchCartoonOnline.

In this article, I will share the most popular 10 websites to watch cartoons from anywhere for free as well as paid. Just one thing you need is a good internet connection to stream cartoons online.

What is WatchCartoonOnline?

It is one of the most popular streaming websites for cartoons and anime in the US, and it is also known as watchanimehub. It means the huge collection of cartoons is available on the website WatchCartoonOnline for free.

You can watch cartoons online from your mobile phone as well as on your pc, the only thing you need is a good internet connection to stream cartoon and anime cartoon videos.


This website has about 37 million users around the world and its server is situated in the Netherlands. Due to its large user, its server goes down many times; sometimes the website is not open due to massive traffic.

So, people try to find the best alternatives of WatchCartoonOnline to watching cartoons. There is no doubt that this is good to watch cartoons, but many times its server goes down, and visitors are not able to watch their favorite cartoon and anime videos.

These types of sites are illegal because they piracy of original content and piracy is illegal. So, many times its website is banned from google or may be down due to DMCA complaints. So, here we provide some latest and working links to this website to watch cartoon and anime videos and movies.

What are the Best Alternatives of Watch Cartoon Online?

So, if you think to find the best alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline then don’t waste your time because we already made the best list of WatchCartoonOnline alternatives. Let’s discuss one by one alternative platform for streaming cartoons.

Before we start our list, things you need to know that watching cartoons and anime may be legal. But in most cases, this comes under illegal activity depending upon the source from which you are watching. Watching from a pirated site is legal but from a genuine site is legal.

So, here, the list of alternatives may or may not be legal. You need to read the site disclaimer before you start watching.


Youtube is one of the best platforms to watch cartoons online and anime subbed and dubbed videos and movies. It is freely available whole over the world, and also you don’t need to use any VPN to hide your location.


Because watching on youtube is legal, but this is not like other cartoon niche websites. On youtube, every type of video is available. So, you need to find which cartoon and anime dubbed and subbed videos and movies want to watch. If available on youtube then you can watch and also download the video otherwise you can’t.

On youtube, you can change video quality, increase speed, and if you like, then you can make it offline. Then you can watch that cartoon when you didn’t have an internet connection.


KissAnime Club

Kissanime is a new website that is similar to WatchCartoonOnline that offers the same features to watch cartoon and anime subbed and dubbed movies. It also provides television vision shows with a simple user interface. Everyone can easily find their favorite cartoons on kissanime and also you can watch without too many ads while you are streaming.


This site is similar to the most popular anime website kissanime; the only difference is in its domain name. Or you can say both sites are with two different domain names if one is banned then another one is working but not 100% true. It also allows you to share and download the cartoon and anime you are watching.

NameKissAnime Club

Note: now this website is transferred to a new domain (URL) kissanime fun. By the way, if you’re a fan of anime then download Crunchyroll Premium APK.

KissAnime Cool

Don’t confuse between both the sites kissanime club and kissanime as both provide cartoons to watch and download. But it is more popular and older than kissanime club which is completely mobile-friendly but also has lots of ads.

KissAnime Cool

Kissanime drive has, monthly traffic of 40 million, and half of the traffic come from the US, and the rest is from whole over the world. It offered to watch cartoons and anime subbed and dubbed the movie in HD quality. You must try this website to WatchCartoonOnline.

NameKissAnime Cool


Kisscartoon is a website that is completely free to use and provides a huge collection of cartoons and anime subbed and dubbed videos and movies.

Here all the contents are regularly updated, and you can get notifications whenever they update. But, you need to register your account on kisscartoon and subscribe to get notifications. Then you will receive a notification for updates.


This is one of the popular cartoon websites that drives 9.40 million monthly traffic, and its most traffic comes from the US and UK. Because anime cartoons are popular in western countries. If you are from then, you will be happy to visit this website to WatchCartoonOnline free of cost.



It is a website that doesn’t require signup to watch cartoons. You can watch your favorite anime cartoons in English dubbed and also many cartoon series are available on this website.


Its user interface is simple and easy to control, but it shows pop-up ads. Whenever you click on videos, it shows ads in a new tab. Don’t just close the new tab come back to the website and click again your cartoon will start playing. Cartoon crazy is also a popular website that drives more than 12 million traffic per month, and most of the traffic comes from US and UK.



It is a small cartoon website that provides only popular cartoons and anime series to watch. If your favorite cartoon is highly prevalent, then you can find it on this website otherwise you didn’t. Also, its monthly traffic is not too much compared to the above cartoon site. It generates about 5 million monthly traffic, and its traffic is decreasing from time to time because it shows too many advertisements.


Whenever you click on the site, pop-up ads in the new window and which also redirect to another website. Sometimes people irritate and close their websites. But, now they are working on this problem to reduce ads and users will enjoy to WatchCartoonOnline.



This website is completely for anime lovers. Only the latest and newly released anime videos and movies are available on this website in English dubbed. You love this anime website, it doesn’t show any ads on its homepage, but some ads are in the post on the streaming page.


It has a simple UI and is easy to watch in any anime movie. All the movies and videos are listed on the homepage with the title and thumbnail. So, anyone can know about the movies, and for watching you need to click on the thumbnail and the cartoon starts playing.

This website drives monthly traffic of 3.20 million, and it’s mostly traffic comes from the US, UK, and India. Yes, Indians also visit this anime cartoon website and love to watch it.


Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a kid’s cartoon tv channel, but it also provides the facilities to stream some popular anime and cartoon videos. It also offers to play web-based video games online on its website.


It comes with a simple UI without showing advertisements, click and your favorite cartoon starts to play. But, it has not had too much content on its website because cartoon network is a popular tv channel. So, they focus on the channel, not on the website. It has lots of tv users but through the website can able to drive a monthly traffic of 1 million which comes from the US and UK.

NameCartoon Network

Anime Freak TV

It sounds like a tv channel, but it’s not. It is the best alternative, which offers lots of cartoons and anime subbed and dubbed movies. You can find your favorite anime movies alphabetically; newly released, latest episodes.

AnimeFreak TV

In anime freak tv, it has a vast collection of anime movies and videos. It also contains advertisements because it is the only source of their earnings. It drives more than 12 million monthly traffic which comes from the US and UK.

NameAnimeFreak TV

Anime TV

AnimeTV is another best alternative website to watch cartoons online. It offers to watch the latest, and newly released anime subbed and dubbed videos and movies free of cost. But, it contains advertisements on both sides of sidebar covered with image ads.


You need to signup to watch cartoons online, you can signup by using Facebook and Twitter. This website drive 7millions of monthly traffic in which most of the traffic comes from the US and UK. Visit to explore the website.


Wrapping Up

Above are the sites which offer to watch cartoons and anime subbed and dubbed videos and movies free of cost. These are almost similar to the website that I mentioned in this article. If the main website is down, then you can use any one of the websites from the given list.

I hope this article will help you to get the best alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline website. If you like this list, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and on social media. Thank you for giving your valuable time to the blog YouTech, YouTechians.

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