Download NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK 7.0.00 (Unlimited Money With Max Stamina)

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Are you a fan of Basketball Sport? If yes then you should need to try NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK that comes with modded features.

Basketball fans, there is no need to play basketball under sunburn in this pandemic situation as NBA Live Mobile APK is here for you so that you can enjoy the same fun while sitting on your couch at your home! You can create a real NBA season by creating your ultimate team of current stars and favorite legends and turn your “what-ifs” into “wow” moments with this amazing NBA Live Mobile APK. The Ultimate Team model, effective controls with improved shot feedback and archetypes, and a free-flowing gameplay design make it the best basketball game to be found on mobile devices.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK

In the NBA Live mobile app, you can play regular basketball games against other NBA Teams with Four Quarters on your portable devices and participate in daily events where you can play in specific competitions such as foul shots, slam dunks, and more. Moreover, You can also earn cards. Don’t Worry! Below, we had discussed the game in detail.

About NBA Live Mobile Basketball

The name of the game is self-explanatory, and the gameplay is mostly about basketball. The developer of this basketball game is Electronic Arts; that’s why NBA Live Mobile has good gameplay since a well-known game developer developed the game. Also, the graphics used in it are realistic, and the gameplay is similar to the standard basketball game rules. It consists of two opposing teams with five players on each team, and the game also incorporates real-life events into the gameplay. As general managers, players are required to form their own basketball team. A basketball game will not be complete if the players cannot actually play. Therefore, players are allowed to navigate their characters.

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NBA Live Mobile includes some features that make the gameplay authentic as the character included in this game is inspired by real NBA players in real life. Multiplayer mode is definitely an essential feature for any sports game as this mode allows players to play against another player in real-time, and matches are decided according to the team’s strength. So the players need not be panic about going into the match against the overpowering team. This feature has been designed to give a balanced match. There is also a tournament facility that can be included to bring in the top rank.

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The best thing about NBA Live Mobile is that it includes game physics. Players can throw the ball accurately into the ring and dribble the game to other characters on the same team. Other basic basketball movements can be done using the controls, and if we talk about the control system, then it is really straightforward. In addition, the game contains in-app purchases using coins, and cash and coin can be obtained by winning the game. Meanwhile, Cash can be obtained by buying it with real money. Those currencies are used to obtain game privileges.

Unfortunately, most players of NBA Live Mobile have a hard time winning the game. As the winning reward, the coin is becoming hard to earn. Collecting coin by coin in order to purchase any game privilege is difficult. There are also players who feel reluctant to spend their real money to purchase cash as well. In this case, they rely on NBA Live Mobile MOD APK. By the way, MOD APK itself is considered a third party then What are the features that make them use the NBA Live Mobile MOD APK? In general, there are lots of features that drive them to use the NBA Live Mobile Hack. We’ll talk about them below.

What is NBA Live Mobile MOD APK?

Basically, It is a modified version of the official NBA Live Mobile Basketball in which you get lots of exciting features like Unlimited Money, Unlimited Coins and Cash, Unlocked World Tour, Free Live Passes, and many more for free of cost. But did you know How NBA Live Mobile MOD APK was made? There are several ways to make like by using applications (Lucky Patcher) or by doing Reverse Engineering. However, For this, you need to know how to code?

Don’t Worry! You didn’t need to create an NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK as we arranged a working and latest version of NBA Live Mobile Hacked APK so that you don’t need to do anything. So, First, let’s know about the features of the game.

Features Of NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK

You can play and win in real-time, like NBA season in NBA Live Mobile, if you are smart enough to handle your device and the features of this app. Following things will help you to get familiar with this App-

Max Stamina

The stamina element is built into NBA Live Mobile, which is used in every event played. And if it depletes, you have to wait until refill before playing it again or pay via player card to fill up immediately.

Well, you don’t have to worry about a decrease in stamina because your stamina will not decrease in NBA Live Mobile Basketball Mod APK as it comes with the feature of unlimited stamina, which will automatically fill up your stamina bar when it gets low.

Unlimited NBA Coins and Cash

The economy of NBA Live Mobile is coins and cash. Through playing games and selling items, you can earn coins which you can use to buy card packs and get players from auctions. However, NBA cash is virtual money in games that can be purchased with real-world money and can only be spent on in-game purchases.

However, NBA Live Mobile Basketball Hacked APK comes with Unlimited NBA cash and coins so that you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money on the game. You can use this money to make as many in-game purchases as you want.


The most important reason not to use NBA Live Mobile MOD APK is the security feature; if it is unable to protect us from a ban, then there is no logic to use. As you have already seen, the mobile game does not allow the use of third-party applications or any changes to the code. If players are caught using unauthorized third-party apps or by manipulating codes, their accounts will be banned. The first penalty is usually in the form of a temporary ban. If players are insisting on using the MOD APK after a temporary ban, their account may eventually be banned permanently.

Fortunately, most mod APKs already include advanced protection. The game developer will not be able to track third-party usage or be unable to identify the difference between a default APK or a MOD APK. This means that their account is protected from penalties and banned.


You have to place your players in a particular lineup according to the player card color icon. However, it would be best if you kept an eye on improving your squad lineup. Following are some lineup card indicators:

  • Small Ball to Dribble and Speed
  • Two-way for Passing and Defense
  • Big Man for Shooting and Defense
  • Defensive to Defense and Speed
  • Shooting for 3 Pointer and Shooting

Some More Game Features

  • Excellent Graphics: The game’s graphics are in one word “Marvelous”! The courts look awesome. Although there won’t be close-ups of player faces, they are still very recognizable given the precise looking player model and accessories.
  • Medals: There are three types of medals that indicate levels, Gold-the best level followed by Silver-the second best level and Bronze- the third best level. By looking at your opponent’s medals and tapping on the sheets, you can learn a breakdown of their areas of expertise, including 3 Pointers, Speed, Shooting, Passing, Defense and Dribbling.
  • Weekly Showdown Heroes: You can earn these items by ranking up and getting more fans. Don’t worry if you fall short as you will still be able to progress by earning tokens.

Above we had mentioned some of the features of NBA Live Mobile MOD APK as there are lots, but we discussed only a few of them. Now, Let’s move to the download section.

Download NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK

NBA Live Mobile Basketball
NameNBA Live Mobile MOD APK
Size67 MB
Android5.0 & Up
Last UpdatedJan 17, 2022

Wrapping Up

The simplicity of the team-building model and easy-to-access gameplay make NBA Live Mobile APK the best sports game on mobile devices. However, the app gained the most popularity among basketball fans due to its simple long drive to collect the most desirable players on the actual court.

Let us know how you like the article in the comment section, and if you get to see any error or have questions to ask regarding NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK, then you’re welcome. We’ll respond to every query, and if provided Hacked Version is helpful for you, then don’t forget to share with your friends. Keep Visiting! Keep Supporting! YouTech.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball MOD APK
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