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In the Field of Technology facts, lots of things are Present. In this article, I talk about the top 5 shocking technology weird facts.

Technology Facts, After Email Internet Come: Yes, Email Already Came before the invention of the internet. But, How We believe? Yes, a video clip of 1984 is uploaded on Youtube in which a TV Show named as DATABASE has Shown, in which the Host of the Show explains how to send email in earlier Times. At that time, Rotary Phone was used to submit an email, in the Rotary Phone, the number was dialed by finger twisting. At that time, dialing 776 number was made to a service, the name of that service was Micro Net.

Let me tell you that Micro Net was the first to reach out to the Internet (WWW). At that time, there was a lot of effort to send an email from Micro Net before it was connected to the Rotary Phone, after which I had to send an email by typing the message. At that time, the Internet was not invented, which means the internet is too old to email.

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Have you ever wondered why all the buttons of a, b, c, d do not line-wise on your computer? Instead, a QWERTY keypad is used. Many different theories are given behind it – some people say that the name of the builder was Qwerty Drop. Another approach says the QWERTY keypad was used to slow down Typing Speed. The reason for slowing down the Typist’s speed was that in those days, when somebody used to type in a loud motion on a computer, then the computer used to hang, the sequence of buttons by the QWERTY keypad to avoid the same situation. Been pushed back.

Another theory states that the QWERTY keypad is considered to be the most suitable for giving a military occupational specialty code (MOS code), so they were designed like this. But in both situations, if we see, no such thing or rule is observed, due to which they were made. But the surprise is that after so long, the QWERTY keypad is being used today.

Free Domain Facts

You must have heard the names of many websites like,, etc. All of these types of domains were free until 1995. Because computers used to be used in minimal space at that time. For this reason, there was no money or charge to register any domain at that time.

But after that, a charge of $ 100 was imposed, 30% of which was used to increase internet infrastructure like the internet was not so accessible at the time. At that time, the company named network solutions was the first to authorize the sale of the domain officially. After this, the registration fee for the domain registration was reduced from $ 100 to $ 70.

Even today, you have to pay a Domain Register. Although some cheap and spam type types can get you in free, they are not of any work. You can add .com or .in extension extensions. Domain has to pay.


If you use a bit of Internet usage, you may know that Wikipedia is a free website that provides information free to everyone who uses the internet. Anyone on this website can sign up and edit pages with information.

So here’s the problem that anybody can change or remove the information that is available on the pages of this website. Or even put miscellaneous content in it, which is not right in any way. To handle this problem, some authorized users have been given control, but besides about 2000 Bots (one way, the robots) monitor it anytime.

The work of these bots is that any suspicious activity occurring on the website should be immediately arrested. And the changes made in that suspicious activity should be reverted quickly to prevent any wrong thing. Thus, with the help of these Bots, such things are avoided, if they are not used, then anybody can register by registering on Wikipedia – like a person can show Amitabh Bachchan, he can write Amitabh Bachchan is a famous cricketer. So this is amazing of those 2000 bots that do their work continuously for 24 hours. So that everyone can get the right information.

A 16-Year-Old Boy Hacked NASA

Yes, the 16-year-old American hacker named Jonathan James hacked NASA in 1999. He removed 3000 usernames and passwords from his parents only with the help of a small computer. After three weeks all the computers of NASA were shut down so that the problem could be solved.

The number of codes, scripts, and techniques used in computers was used to measure humidity, temperature, etc. Or all the tools of space or all the things used in the research were removed by that Hacker Data. You can not believe all this work was done by the hacker sitting in the garage of his house from his small computer.

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