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Looking to Experience Ad-Free Videos or Want to change YouTube Default Background Color, then Download YouTube Vanced APK No-Root.

Today we are going to talk about YouTube Vanced Apk, which is the modified version of YouTube Official. We will not only talk but will provide you with the latest version of YouTube Vanced where you get all the features of YouTube Premium for free. We know that YouTube is a free video streaming platform.

But, in its free version, you do not get access to things like background play, floating windows, multiple themes, etc. And to get you’ve to take their Premium Membership, which costs around INR189/month for Family Plan, INR79/month for Student Plan (Verification Required), and INR129/month for the Prepaid Subscription Plan.

YouTube Vanced APK
YouTube Vanced APK

But, Not Everyone Wants to Spend their Money On Applications, and if You’re that kind of person, then YouTube Vanced Apk is made For You, which Gives You a Premium Feel. So, let’s take a look at Youtube Vanced Apk and know what it is? Also, we provide you a working version to download along with a guide to install Youtube Vanced on Android devices, whether it is Rooted or Non-Rooted. Did You Know? Kinemaster Pro APK is used to Edit Videos to Give an attractive Look.

YouTube: App Overview

Before we talk about Youtube Vanced APK, let’s know a little about Youtube. I know that YouTube does not need an introduction. Almost everyone is already aware of this, and also they are spending their hours Watching Contents. But Did You Know that YouTube has reached over 2 billion monthly active users, which is a vast number and still increasing day by day.

Nowadays, YouTube has become a significant source of entertainment and also become a career for many. Also, Creators are generating Million of Dollars of revenue from the Content that they Publish On YouTube. You can also generate revenue by creating valuable content.

It was founded by PayPal employees Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Javed Karim in the year 2005, and the first video uploaded to YouTube is “Me at the Zoo,” and in 2006, without wasting time, Google purchased it for $1.65. Now, YouTube is available in almost all different Countries except a few China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, South Sudan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

Hope You Knew More about YouTube that You didn’t know before. So, Let’s Know about its MOD Version, Which is YouTube Vanced APK.

What is YouTube Vanced APK?

As I said earlier that this is the Modified Version of the Official One in which you get those features that are not available on YouTube Official like Background Play, Dark Mode, pinch to zoom, swipe control, No Ads, Download YouTube Videos, etc. However, You can get some of the features of YouTube Vanced by Purchasing Premium Membership, but not all.

YouTube Vanced APK 2020 is well known for its amazing Features. You can Play Videos, and at the same time, you can use other applications. Also, You’ll not see any type of Advertisements in this Modified Version. As all Ads are entirely removed, and the most important thing is that the Application does not charge even a penny.

Features of YouTube Vanced APK

Below I had Mentioned Some of the Great Features of YouTube Vanced APK for you in brief so that you can get an idea of What the Feature Does? As it is a modified version, so all the features of YouTube Premium are Already Unlocked. Apart from this, there is some new feature available in this YouTube Vanced MOD APK. So, Let’s Know About them.

Pinch to Zoom In or Out

A Tool To Zoom In or Out

Sometimes you need to zoom in or out to watch a particular Part of the video. I know that most of our visitors are students, and you must have watched educational videos on youtube at some time, and there must have been a time when you would have needed to do Zoom In, but you could not do it because youtube does not give you this facility. But, You can Do this on YouTube Vanced APK. They have the facility to Zoom in or out easily.

Background Play

The Feature that makes this Modified Version so accessible is Background Play. As you can play your favorite music video and at the same time, you can work on other applications, and the video will play in the background.

Feature To Play In Background

However, You can get this feature on YouTube Official, but You’ve to take their Premium Membership; otherwise, you do not have access to use it. But, YouTube Vanced APK Provides you the Background Play Feature for free of cost.

No Ads

The most annoying thing is advertisement and is also the biggest reason for people to buy a premium membership. Although YouTube does not show a lot of ads, but their ads appear in the middle of the video, which is very annoying. But, people still watch videos on YouTube because they had no other choice. They have to buy a premium membership plan or see the advertisement.

Feature Which Removes All Ads

Seeing all this, the developers made YouTube Vanced Apk, where you do not get to see any kind of advertisements, and also you do not have to take any subscription plan.

Multiple Theme

Tool To Change Theme

I know you are bored seeing the same theme and want to try something new; if yes, then this feature is for you. With the help of the Youtube Vanced Apk, You can able to change Background Color to Pink/Red/Black/Dark, which gives an attractive look to the App, and then You’ll not get bored. Even if You bore, then change the Background Color Again, but I like the default YouTube color.

Some Other Features are:

  • PiP
  • Swipe Control For Volume & Brightness
  • New & Old Window Style
  • Dynamic Player
  • Auto Replay Videos
  • Force HDR
  • Speed & Resolution Control

Download YouTube Vanced APK 2024

Logo Of YouTube Vanced App
YouTube Vanced
NameYouTube Vanced APK
Size75 MB
Android4.4 & Up
DeveloperVanced Team
Tested OnMarch 24, 2024✔

How to Install YouTube Vanced APK On Android Smartphone?

To Install YouTube Vanced on Your Non-Rooted Android Device, You’ve to Follow the Tutorial Mentioned Below; otherwise, You’ll not be able to use the Application with its full features.

However, its installation process is slightly different from other MODs because you need two applications to install the App. The first one is Micro G, which is required to log in, and the second one is YouTube Vanced APK.

Step 1: First Of Download Both the Applications MicroG and YouTube Vanced APK Latest Version from the link in the Download Section of this Article.

Note: When your Download will Finish, do not Hurry to Install just save and Go Back to Home because currently, your device doesn’t allow installation from a source other than the Play store, and to allow you’ve to follow the next step.

Step 2: Go to Your Phone Settings and find Security Option then Tap on it to See other Security Option in which You’ve to Enable the Option called “Unknown Source” by Tapping on it then Your Device allow installation.

Unknown Sources

Step 3: Now, Locate the Folder Where Your Downloaded Files are Present, and then Firstly Click On YouTube Vanced Apk to Install.

Note: If you’re an MIUI User, then You’ve to Disable the MIUI Optimisations in the Developer Settings and also uninstall the YouTube Official Updates (Disable YouTube Official If Possible).

Step 4: After Successfully Installation of YouTube Vanced You have to install MicroG; otherwise, You’ll not be able to log in. Go to the Same Folder and Click On MicroG Apk then Install it on Your Device.

Step 5: Go Back to the Home Screen, and then You’ll See the Icon of YouTube Vanced APK. Click to Open the YT App and Sign in with your Google account.

Note: If the YT Vanced App Force closes, then You have to Uninstall both the Applications (Vanced & Micro G) and reverse the process. I mean First Install Micro G, then YT Vanced.

FAQs Regarding Vanced APK

Here we’re going to answer some questions that will come to your mind before downloading the App or after downloading. And this Our Duty to Clear Your Doubts regarding the App.

Is YouTube Vanced Safe to use?

Yes, It is 100% Safe to use on your android device, but only if you download from YouTech. As We Never Publish any MOD APK On Our Site without checking their Security. So, You can download Youtube Vanced without worrying about its Safety.

Does YouTube Vanced Require Root Access?

No, it doesn’t require any rooted device. You can use it on a Non-Rooted Device without compromising with features. You’ll get access to all the functionality of YT Premium, even on your non-rooted Android smartphones.

Does MicroG is Required to Use YouTube Vanced?

No, It is not necessary to Install MicroG. You can use the Modified Version of YouTube App Without Installing Micro G, but You’ll not able to Sign in on the App. To Sign In, MicroG becomes mandatory to install.

Wrapping Up

Our effort was to give you as much information as possible. If anything is left, then you can tell us by commenting below, and if you are facing any problem Regarding Topic, then you can ask us in the comment section. I hope You get Whatever You Want Regarding YouTube Vanced.

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