3D Printer

3D Printer and Printing ? The Marvellous Technology


Did You Know About 3D Printer?

3D Printer

Did You Know About 3D Printer ? and Which Product is Printed by this Printer. We already knew about different printers that Print text, images, photo etc on Paper by Using Computer. But, through this Printer You can Print a House, you think that I’m joking no no that’s real you can print any 3D product by this printer such as any Statue For-example:- God statue,your Face statue ,toy’s ,cars that means all 3D product can be printed by this 3D printer .

You can also say three-dimensional printer that can print three-dimensional object. But for there are many three-dimensional printer depending upon the size of the 3D product which you want to print by this 3d printer. For small size, the 3D product you can easily buy a 3D printer from any market but the price is too large. If you have a reputed mobile shop then you can buy a 3D printer form printing Mobile Back covers, Cabinet etc and you can earn a lot Also you can Wholesale your product by their own Company mark. This 3D  printer is also called Additive Manufacturing.

  • Parts of 3D Printer

  1. 3D Printer’s Brain or Microcontroller
  2. The nozzle or hot End
  3. 3D Printer material Filament
  4. print Bed or Printer Bed
  5. Stepper Motors
  6. Cooling Fan


  • How Does 3D Printer Works?

3D printing

Working of 3-D Printer depends upon the type of Printer. Let’s talk about the working of Normal 3-D Printer that easily available on Market and You can Easily buy. Firstly You need to design the object which you want to print in any 3D Modelling Software and then Save the designed File. After then you need to import the designed file on 3-D Printer Support.

OR by any 3D Scanner that can Scan the exact 3D image of an object and they save the file. Then you can print the object without designing the object I will explain 3D Scanner in my next Post.CURA is software for Pc that is used for giving print command.

3D Printer

In 3D Printer, there is Filament which is of a different material such as Carbon Fiber,3-D Printer filament, ABS 3-D Printer Filament, PLA 3-D Printer Filament, wood, metal etc plays an important role. This filament is placed in Filament Drive and the filament drive drags out the filament in the hot end. And the hot end melts the filament and spread all over the print board where each layer of the object is being created and some Stepper Motors are controlling for designing the object with help of bed and Arms. These Stepper motors are controlled by Micro Computer.

Now, If You want to buy the 3-D printer. Then contact 3-D Printer Store or Dealer or You can buy Online from any Shopping Website. 3-D printer is also in Large Scale for manufacturing huge object. Basically, this product is used by the Production department but if you want to buy then 200*200*200 size is best. It cost 25,000 online in India and in China it cost only 15,000. I hope You know about 3D printer and Printing.

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