The Witcher 3 : Why Do Gamers Love Geralt of Rivia?

geralt the witcher

Gamers love Geralt of Rivia for many reasons. As the protagonist of The Witcher series, Geralt has become one of the most iconic characters in gaming, known for his gritty personality, complex backstory, and signature silver hair. But what is it about Geralt that makes him so beloved by gamers around the world? We can … [Continue Reading]

Google Pay Offers Win 1Lakh Cash | Rs180/ Each Refer


Google The Huge and trusted Company. Everyone trust that if they give some offers to their users, then the offer is 100% Real. So, This Diwali Google Pay Offers their users to Win 1 Lakh Real Cash But How? You can win the 1lakh of Real Cash by using Google’s Application, which is Google Pay; … [Continue Reading]

What is 3D Printing and Printer ? The Marvellous Technology

3D Printer

Did You Know About 3D Printer? And Which Product is Printed by this Printer? We already knew about different printers that Print text, images, photos, etc. on Paper by Using Computer. But, through this Printer You can Print a House, you think that I’m joking no-no that’s real you can print any 3D product by … [Continue Reading]

3D Hologram Technology ?The Future Technology


We Know that Time-To-Time Technology changes, and Some New technology introduce. Today I talk about 3D Hologram Technology. This technology is widely used by politicians to conduct their Rally in Different cities at a time. This technology could do this. So, the question arises in your mind What is 3D Hologram Technology ? and How it … [Continue Reading]

Weird Google Patents that Blow Your Mind -The Future Gadget

Weird Tech

Today We all know about Google and his weird Gadgets. Google already introduce their Smartphone, tablets, and also many we can’t count their Product. Google is not only a Search Engine, but it also becomes The King Of Technology. Last Few Years, Google Introduce their smartphones, Smart speakers, many Applications such as Google Duo, Google … [Continue Reading]

LattePanda – The Single Board Computer


We use many devices such as the computer, Laptop, etc. for doing Work. But, computers or Laptops are not much Comfortable as Compare to Mobile Phones because laptops can’t fit on Our Pocket but MobilePhones Can. In this Article, I Talk about a Device that is the Same in size as Mobile Phones and More … [Continue Reading]