Free Fire Advance Server: Expected Release Date For OB38 APK

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Don't miss the chance to earn free diamonds upto 3000 only by playing on the Free Fire Advance Server OB38 APK which is going to come so let's know everything about OB38.

ff advance server ob36 release date

Garena made sure that their updates would not become full of bugs and glitches; that’s why they released an advanced server with all the upcoming updates to test by a number of gamers. The aim behind this concept is to know about the bugs that exist on the next update so that they can resolve those bugs to provide smooth gameplay.

However, Those who report receives reward as an incentive that includes diamonds, new character, special skins, etc. The upcoming Garena Free Fire Advance Server will be OB38 as the current one runs without any bugs, but they need to add some features to engage their user. So, Let’s know about Free Free OB38 Advance Server.

Expected Details Of Free Fire Advance Server OB38

Basically, OB38 is the upcoming version of the advance server that will release a day after the end of this current season. According to the previous few releases, We come to the conclusion that after the end of every season, Garena releases an advance server, so the next Free Fire OB38 update is expected to come into action on the 15th of September.

free fire ob35 server
Expected Date15th November
End Date22nd November
RewardsYes (details)
Activation Code4EB6RH23595FIYYQ✔ (OB36)
Registration LinkLink
How To?

By keeping in mind the date mentioned above, we expect the release date of the Free Fire Advance Server OB38 will be between August end and the beginning of September, but this is predicted based on the previous releases, so the date isn’t fixed. The developer mostly makes the server available before a few weeks of the update so that they will get enough time to fix the bugs that they receive from players who’re playing the Free Fire Advance Server.

However, You will not directly get access to the server as you have to register yourself, and after getting an Activation Code, you’ll be able to on that server and can win diamonds as a reward for reporting bugs. So, Let’s have a look into the registration process for OB38.

How To Do Registration For Free Fire Advance Server OB38?

Registration? But why? can we directly download the Free Fire Advance Server APK? Yes, you can download the OB38 server APK from a third-party website, but when you open the game after installing, they will ask for an Activation code. So, You need to register in order to get an Activation Code.

Step 1: First of all, you have to visit the official site ( of Garena, where they allow users to register for Advance Server.

Currently, The URL isn’t accessible, which doesn’t mean that we had given the wrong site. This is because the registration isn’t open, and there isn’t any chance that it will open within days. When the date of registration comes closer, the URL starts showing details of the Free Fire Advance Server OB38.

Step 2: When you’re on the page of the site given above, you will have two different options to sign in. We recommend you choose the option which is used for making the Free Fire account.

Registration will open before two weeks of the next update

Step 3: Now, you’ll be redirected to the page where you have to fill few details such as name, active email ID, etc. After filling in all the details, click on the “Join Now” button to successfully register yourself for OB38.


Step 4: On the spot, you will get an Activation code; save the key as it will be required later for connecting to the server. However, Sometimes you will not get on the spot; in this case, you have to check your email after a few hours.

free fire advance activatio code
Register to get the activation code for OB37

This is how you can register yourself for Free Fire Advance Server OB38 that is going to come in the coming month.


ff advance server rewards
Report bugs to get diamonds

This is the ultimate reason for joining this server, as players get the opportunity to earn diamonds and other items. But, You have to find bugs, then you will receive rewards; otherwise, you will not get anything.

Rewards will be distributed as mentioned below:

  • 3000 Diamonds: 1st Person
  • 2000 Diamonds: 2nd Person
  • 1000 Diamonds: 3rd Person

You can acquire 1st position by reporting more bugs; the chance to be in 1st position increases as much as bugs you report.


Well! We had given quite enough details regarding Free Fire Advance Server OB38 that will be going to come on the 14th of September. However, If you’re a Free Fire Max and want to play on the advanced server, then you still have to download Free Fire Advance Server OB38 APK as there isn’t any separate server for Max version players.

Now, We hope that you will register and will enjoy the advanced server of Garena Free Fire.

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