How To Make A Lead in Minecraft: Step-By-Step Tutorial With Video

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Want to move your animals from one fence to another in Minecraft? Then you should need to know How To Make A Lead In Minecraft In 2024?

Hello, guys, welcome to YouTech; this is one of the articles from the series on how to make stuff on Minecraft. Today, I’m going to show you how you can make a lead in Minecraft. So firstly, why we all need a lead? We need a lead to move animals, for example, from one fence to another. Or if you are far from your home and you have to catch an animal, isn’t it always, always running away? So you can make a lead and hold them, move them with yourself. So, first of all, we will know what we will need to make a lead.

how to make a lead in minecraft

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Things You Need

Materials required for crafting a lead are:

  • 4 Strings: You can find a string by destroying spider webs.
  • 1 Slimeball: Slimeballs, You can find slimeballs by killing slimes.

Below are the methods to get above required materials easily.


cobwebs in minecraft

Method 1: You can get strings by destroying spider webs with your sword. But, Where you get spider webs? You have to find an abandoned mine, where lots of cobwebs are already present and then what you have to do is to harvest them using your sword.

spider in minecraft

Method 2: Here, In this method, you have to wait for the night so that creatures will come out from their home to wander the world, and then you have to kill spiders using a sword; as a result, you will get strings as a loot.


You can quickly get slimeball in Swampland biomes that are bouncing there, you just have to kill slimes, and as a result, multiple slimeballs will drop; however, you only need one for crafting a lead.

So now we will have to get to our crafting table.

How to Make a Lead in Minecraft: Step-By-Step Tutorial

You can make a lead by placing 1 slimeball at the middle of the crafting table of 3x3 crafting grid and then put two strings in the first two boxes of the first column, one string in the first box of the second column. Lastly, one string in the last box of the third column, and then you will get two leads, drag them into your inventory.

Step 1: Place The Slimeball: Open your crafting table and place your one slimeball right in the middle of a 3×3 crafting grid.

Step 1 Place The Slimeball

Step 2: Add The Strings: Now, It’s time to place 4 strings, two strings in the first two boxes of the first two, one string in the first box of the second row, and place one in the last box third row. Now we have not one but two leads.

Step 2 Add The Strings

Step 3: Drag The Lead: When the lead is crafted in the crafting menu, drag them into your inventory.

Step 3 Drag The Lead

Step 4: How To Use Lead In Minecraft: So let me show you how it’s working. We all know that we can easily just fly away in a creative mode to find animals very easily. Suppose there is a cow, so here you have to press the right button on your mouse, then bring in a precise, and that’s it.

Step 4 How To Use Lead to lease cow

The cow will follow you wherever you will go, and it’s not necessary to hold the lead in your hand. Also, you can lead more than one animal at the same time. So, where’s the second cow? Look, I’m not even just looking around, looking back. It’s like I know it’s behind me, which means you don’t need to look back and check all the time.

Step 4 How To Use Lead to lease two cow

As I told you, you could lead more than one animal, so here I have two cows following me, and you can easily go away, move them around, and fly with them. So this is how you can use the lead to leash the animals? Pretty easy, right?

How To Make Lead: Video Tutorial


So this is a tutorial on how to make a lead in Minecraft? We are going to make the whole series on how to make stuff and also how to breed and how to tame. So if you have any requests, please go to the comment section and drop your message or mail us using the contact us page.

I hope now you know how to make a lead in Minecraft? You can also check out making Lanterns In Minecraft to light up your Minecraft home. Please don’t forget to share with your Minecraft friends and on social media. So stay tuned with us and be the first one to check out our next new articles by.

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