Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK V6.3.0 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

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Let's explore vegas city with Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK and also you will get many MOD features such as unlimited money and gems.

Have you ever wanted to play games like GTA San Andreas on your smartphone? I know you want, but you could not find another game like GTA Vice City for android smartphones. If so, then you do not need to search now because we have found for you which is Vegas Crime Simulator.

It is an open-world 3d simulation game where you enter into the virtual world and play the character of a gangster. You can do whatever you want as you’re free to do anything even you can buy armory, vehicle, etc. and also you won’t be bored as Vegas Crime Simulator is full of diversity.

vegas crime simulator mod apk

However, it would be best if you were rich in the game. You will be able to purchase, but it is hard to earn money in Vegas Crime Simulator; that’s why we decided to provide you with Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK, which gives you several features along with the free in-game purchase. So, Let’s know more about this modified version.

Vegas Crime Simulator

Want to know how the fancy town Vegas is? If yes, then Vegas Crime Simulator will be the ultimate choice as the game is wholly set in Vegas town; you will get a 3D view and can live a life in a virtual Vegas town with the help of the Vegas Crime Simulator game. Moreover, It has an excellent storyline with Innovative graphics that makes the game more attractive and the playing time as people get engaged so long.

fly in vegas city

Because, In the game, you have the option to play a role-character of a gangster or a revolter against all the gangsters to maintain peace in the city, it’s up to you which character you want to play. However, In both cases, the game is full of thrillers with gunfights, and also get many missions in Vegas Crime Simulator that will keep engaging. Also, You can drive a luxurious vehicle as you usually do in GTA V or other AAA games at full speed like a racer.

What is Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK?

You want to drive a luxurious vehicle, buy an armory but for all these, and you need money in the game, they will be able to do any of them as, without it, you will be like a beggar in the game. However, you can get money by completing various tasks and missions, but that is not enough to do anything.

So, How will you purchase or unlock resources? You can do it with real money, and another way is through Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK. Yes, The modified version comes with everything unlocked with unlimited money so that you can do anything you want in the game. Apart from this, several features are present in Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK. So, Let’s know about some of them.

Features Of Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK

Unlimited Money

It is a freemium game which means you can only access some resources through in-game purchase, and for this, you need virtual currency. To get virtual currency, you have to spend real cash, and most of them don’t want to spend on games. But, If you don’t spend, you will not get advanced weapons, new outfits, and many other professional resources.

So, If you want to get them all but don’t want to spend then Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK is made only for you. MOD APK is created by modifying codes to over Unlimited Money in the game, which will lead to purchasing anything from the in-game store.

Unlimited Gem

Another virtual currency present in the game apart from money is Gem, through which you can unlock some specific and unique items like Biohazard Suit costs 1000 Gems. Not only this suit, but there are various items that you can’t unlock with money as it requires gems to be unlocked, such as body skins, models, cars, etc. Still, you don’t need to worry as you also get unlimited gems in Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK.

unlimited gems in vegas crime simulator

So, Download Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK Unlimited Gems and unlock everything single item you want as you have unlimited resources in the game with this modified version.

Complete Missions

This one is not a mod feature, we’re just telling you about the game, and if we don’t tell you about the mission, then you may be missing a lot. The Vegas Crime Simulator is an open-world simulator game, so the main objective in the game is to complete missions, and on completing your skills will upgrade plus get some rewards.

rooster fm

However, You can find a mission on the mini-map displayed on the screen. The mission will be like you have to attack some security areas to loot weapons and all other resources for your gang if you’re playing as a gangster; otherwise, you have to protect them from gangsters.

Upgrade Character

On upgrading character, your power and stamina will boost up so that you can do things for a long time as if you’re running then after upgrading; you can run more as compared to before. Apart from this, you can customize your character as you wish to look more stylish and describe your thinking.

upgrade character in vegas crime

Moreover, you can buy various items from the in-game store to make your character more unique. By the way, you don’t need to worry about the costs of items as you have unlimited money in the game with Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK.

Granted VIP Level 5

In Vegas Crime Simulator, the top-most VIP level badge is 5th, and you’re granted with this level in Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK without doing anything. If you have played the official version, you definitely know about the benefits of VIP badges and how important they are?

vip 5 level unlocked

As with the VIP Level badges, your overall character experience is increased by almost 50%, and whatever thing you do will get more rewards as compared to the lower level. So, Download Vegas Crime Simulator Mod APK and get a VIP level 5 badge for free of cost.

Download Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Vegas Crime Simulator
NameVegas Crime Simulator MOD APK
Size97 MB
Android4.4 & Up
DeveloperNaxeex Ltd
Last UpdatedMay 06, 2023

Wrapping Up

Vegas Crime Simulator is designed in such a way that it can give you the experience of the crime world of Vegas. However, We mostly talked about the modified version of this game, Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK that comes with many Unlocked and Mod features that you actually don’t get on the official one.

So, Download and start exploring Vegas City with your gang to establish your presence in the city. By the way, if you get to see any error regarding MOD APK, then feel free to drop it in the comment section; we will be happy to assist you in solving the error ASAP. Don’t forget to share it.

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