10 Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools to Hack Android Phone

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Android has the highest number of users worldwide & Lots of Android Hacking apps are Present. Here is the List of Top 10 Best Hacking Apps.

One of the Most Confusing and Interesting Topic Searched by Users Who Loves to Learn Ethical Hacking? And want to Become a White hat Hacker. But, They thought that For Learning Ethical hacking Computer is the Basic Needs. But, It is not True You can Learn Ethical Hacking with the help of the Best Android Hacking Apps on Your Android Smartphone.

In the Today Era, Android is one of the Most Popular and Powerful Operating systems based on Linux. As the users of Android are growing with time, the Android app developers are developing lots of Android hacking apps. Now, It is not that you can do hacking only through a computer. You can do hacking with the help of Your Android Smartphone by Installing Hacking Apps.

Android Hacking Apps

But, In the Market, there are lots of Fake hacking apps are Available that can Hack Your Android Smartphone. So, Today, In this Article We Discuss the Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps that help the user to Learn Hacking With Theoretical, then you can do Practical.

Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps

There are lots of hacking apps available, but we select the Top 10 and Best android Hacking apps. Most of the users are not aware of these hacking apps because this type of Application is available in the Google Play Store due to Policy. But, You Can Download it From the Internet. In this List, We Get Some Wifi Hacking apps, Phone Hacking apps, Whatsapp hacking, etc. Let’s Discuss the List One-By-One:

1. FaceNiff

FaceNiff is one of the Best and Most Popular Password Stealing Applications available for Android. For Using the FaceNiff app, You Need a Rooted Device, if You meet this requirement, then You can Steal the Password of those Victims, which are connected to the Same Wifi-Network as you.


Let’s Understand with Example: Suppose You want to Steal Your Friend Social Media Account Passwords, then FaceNiff App will help you to achieve this only if You and Your Friend both are Connected to the Same Wifi-Network. In other words, If Your Friends logs into Facebook, You Will Get their credentials while this Application is Developed only for educational purposes.

This tool works on the method of stealing cookies from a WiFi network and provides unauthorized access to the Victim’s social media accounts. The Developer of Firesheep (hacking extension for firefox) Bartosz Ponurkiewicz developed the FaceNiff App.

  • Rooted Device
  • Android 2.3 and up
  • Enable “Unknown Source” Go to Setting>>Security.

2. AndroRat

AndroRat is an Open Source Application that was developed and released in November 2012. It is a Remote Administrative tool for Android. It means this tool allows the user to remotely control an Android device and access any information you want from the victim’s phone. Initially, this tool is released as a client/server application, but after Hackers used AndroRAT as a Hacking Tool.


Without the Victim’s knowledge, the application autoruns after the device boots and Continues running in the Background. You can Activate the Tool by just doing a Simple Call or Sms on the Victim’s phone.

However, It is Considered an illegal activity. This Tool helps You collect the victim’s call logs, contacts, SMS, Location, etc. The App allows you to completely control the Operating System remotely and also Monitor the state of the victim Device.

3. zANTI Android Hacking App

zANTI is another one of the best Android Hacking Apps if you’re an owner of Wifi-network. It is a Penetration testing toolkit developed by zimperium mobile security, especially for cybersecurity professionals.

It allows us to perform various types of attacks such as MITM attacks, password auditing, scanning, MAC address spoofing, vulnerability checks, etc. You Only Perform these attacks if the victim is Connected with Your Wifi-network; otherwise, You can’t.


Let’s understand with examples: Suppose your friend is Connected with your Wifi-Network, then with the help of the zANTI app, You can get lists of all Visited Sites with their Cookies. It means, Which Site Your Friend is visiting while connected to your Wifi-network and what the things Are downloading.

Here is the List of Some attacks you can do with the help of ZAnti app

  • Change Mac Address
  • Hijack HTTP session not HTTPS
  • Capture downloads
  • Audit Passwords
  • Check the device for vulnerabilities
  • It Requires a Rooted Devices
  • Android 4.0 and up
  • Enable “Unknown Source” Go to Setting>>Security because Not Available in Google Play Store.

4. DroidBox

DroidBox is another hacking app that allows you to hack any android phone and get the dynamic analysis of the Application Installed on the Device. With the help of this app, One can able to get the full range of Information from the Device such as hashes of the APK package, network traffic, Data on SMS, Call Logs, etc. It can collect any information that leaks on the device.

Also, You can Monitor the Behaviour of the APK Package. It is an Open Source Application You Can Get its Code on Github.

  • Android 4.4 and up
  • Enable “Unknown Source” Go to Setting>>Security because Not Available in Google Play Store.

5. cSploit

cSploit is one of the best and most Powerful Security toolkits for Android OS. This Android hacking tool can penetrate any Android Operating system and list all the local hosts on it. It is also able to Crack Wifi-Password, Install Backdoors and discover vulnerabilities that happened on the network and then you can use it for your Benefit.

  • Android 2.3  and up
  • Enable “Unknown Source” Go to Setting>>Security because Not Available in Google Play Store.

6. DroidSheep

DroidSheep is an Open Source Android Application developed by the Developer Corsin Camichel that allows you to use unsecured web browser sessions using Wifi. To Use Droidsheep, Your Phone Must be a Rooted Phone; otherwise, You can’t. If you have a Rooted phone, then You can interact over the Wifi.


It Works on the Ideal method of Reading Packets Transmitted between Sender and Receiver. It is also used for checking Security Vulnerabilities in your Current Network So that You can Perform diagnoses and can Easily Prevent threats.

While it also allows the users to Sniff Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. But, To Use Droidsheep Properly, You need to install the busy box on your Phone. Then You can take Full advantage of and Features of this Tool.

  • It Requires a Rooted Device
  • Busybox Apk
  • Android Jelly Bean/Kitkat
  • Wifi-Network

7. Nmap

Nmap is another hacking app Best for beginners Who Want to Learn Hacking on their Android device. It is one of the Most Popular Network Scanning, Port Scanning Apps for desktops. Also, Available for Android and is Able to Perform the Same Function as you can do on Your Desktop with the Help of Nmap.


Through the Network Mapping App, One can get Browser Information and Website Data. The best Part of the App is that it Works on both Devices, Rooted and Non-Rooted. Without Rooting Your Phone, you can Use NMap App to Perform Various Operations as ZAnti and Csploit offer. In My Opinion, Network Mapping is the best Android Hacking App for Beginners.

8. APKInspector Hacking App

APKInspector is another hacking app for Android that allows the user to hack games as well as Apps. This Tool Works on the Method of reverse-engineering on the android device. It will give you Clear and deep insights through analysis and graphics features into the user’s Phone.


The most remarkable features of this tool are that you can Extract the Source code of any app, and also can Modify the app’s Data such as Name, Icon, Remove Credits, etc.

9. Lucky Patcher Hacking App

Lucky Patcher App is a Hacking App, which helps us to unlock any game or app ultimately with Easy Steps. The Lucky Patcher app allows us to block the advertisement shown by the game or app.

Also, It will enable us to modify the app data, remove pre-installed games, remove license verification, modify the app’s permission, change the application’s icon, and many more things you can do with the Lucky Patcher Official APK.

Download Lucky Patcher
  • Requires a Rooted Device
  • Android 4.0 and up

10. SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker is another best hacking application for Android devices. With the Help of the SB Game Hacker Tool, You can hack almost all offline games such as Subway surfer, hill climb, Highway Rider, Bubble Shot, etc.

This App is designed for doing Cheats in offline Games, and also it allows users to run cheats during Gameplay. It means When You are playing the game and want to Increase your Score before the Game Ends You can Do by Changing the Score Data Value.

SB Game Hacker
  • Requires a Rooted Device
  • Android 2.3 and Above

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Wrapping Up

Above is the Collection of Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps for Android devices. So, Now Download Any one of them According to Your Requirement to use and Perform Whatever You Want to Do? But Safely. As Hacking is illegal and We Don’t Recommend You to do Hacking and also We Never Promote Hacking.

The Only Purpose of this Article is to Provide Deep Knowledge about the Best Android Hacking Apps. So, If You Want to try Any one of them, then Do it at Your Own risk. By the way, These are the Top 10 Android Hacking Apps of 2023 and also be in 2024. Thank You For Visiting the Blog YouTech If You Like This Article, then Share it With Your Friends and even be on Social Media.

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